Zamioculcas, do you want to see it grow healthy and lush? Then you just need a cup of this every day and you’ll see what a show it is! You will thank us for the tip that only experts know.


Do you also have a splendid zamioculcas but it doesn’t flower? From today everything changes: with a cup of this ingredient every day, your plant will be reborn.

Zamioculcas, an extremely resistant and very demanding plant

If you’ve read this far, it’s because you too own a zamioculcas . If you are a lover of gardening or interior decoration, you will probably have already learned about this plant.


If not, we recommend this reading because it will certainly be useful to you. The species from which this plant derives is Zamioculcas Zamiifolia . It is a tropical plant that comes from Africa but which in recent years has spread widely in Europe due to its characteristic appearance and above all for its extraordinary properties.

Its leaves are bright green which undoubtedly attract attention. It is a very resistant and undemanding plant as regards cultivation. Yet, we tell you that to have it healthy and thriving, commitment is needed: if you don’t pay particular attention to it, you could easily see it wither.

Maybe you’ve noticed just that? Have you lately seen your zamioculcas dull and not thriving ? Don’t worry! With this system everything will change: your plant will be reborn again.

The recipe to make your plant grow healthy and lush

Zamioculcas is an evergreen plant which, as we told you earlier, originates in Africa. However, recently it has become very popular in Europe due to its extraordinary beauty and numerous beneficial properties.

Evergreen plant

It is a very resistant plant, capable of surviving both high and low temperatures . Be careful, though! If you don’t pay the right attention to it, you could see it fade away in a flash.

Have you noticed lately that your Zamioculcas is struggling to grow healthy and lush? Don’t worry, we have the solution for you. You must make this recipe to give life back to your extraordinary plant. Ready to discover the secret of the most experts? Well, let’s get started now!

To make this recipe you will need a liter of water to which you will add melon peel cut into small pieces . This fruit is rich in potassium and magnesium and all those main vitamins that will allow your plant to grow healthy and strong.

100 g of this peel will be enough for you . Mix everything in the blender, about a minute or so. After blending, use a strainer to pour the solution into a glass container or jar or, even better, into a spray bottle . That’s it, your natural fertilizer is ready.

Now you can water your plants with this solution : you will see that in a very short time your zamioculcas will return to being as shiny and lush as it once was. You can also use this solution once a day, as long as the soil is not excessively wet.

This technique is used by the most experienced green thumbs to restore health and vigor to the plant. Did you know this trick? Will you try it? We are sure that you will be amazed to see how zamioculcas , only with this simple ingredient, melon peels, comes back to life.

However, in order for your splendid plant to survive as long as possible, in addition to watering it correctly you must also guarantee it a safe place to stay. Zamioculcas requires a minimum temperature of 15 degrees but can survive very well in both illuminated spaces and shaded areas.

Another very important information. This plant adapts to any type of soil , both light, soft and well-drained. When it grows too much, it is necessary to proceed with decanting , an operation which should take place in spring.

It is recommended to change the vase every two or three years. Simply remove it from the container, separate the tubers with a sharp knife and put it back in a larger pot, always covering the roots with soil. Then proceed to water it normally.