Both cats and dogs can urinate indoors. To make it stop you can use this solution so they won’t do it anymore. Here is the recipe to prepare it.

Cloves and soap

Both dogs and cats may often urinate indoors to mark their territory . It is usually done on walls, furniture or especially on new objects. Whether it’s a new pillow or shoes they mark that object as theirs this way. It is important to make them understand and get used to it from an early age.

Make sure this is not a medical problem otherwise you will have to resolve it differently. First it is important to create a routine that your dog or cat will follow . Whether it is leaving the house at set times or placing a bed or a litter box so that they understand that they can only do it there.

urinate in the house cat

If they always do it on the same spot, such as a carpet or sofa, you can use a recipe that we will show you, and when they smell this smell they won’t do it again . You don’t need big products and now we will look at them together below in the next paragraph. Try it to solve the problem.

Urinating at home: here’s the recipe to solve it

As we have said, it can happen that the cat and the dog can urinate in the house. There’s little point in telling them off if you don’t catch them in the act. In fact, they will hardly understand the mistake if scolded after some time. Let’s now see a solution that you can put in your home where they usually pee.

To stop your dog or cat from peeing in the house anymore, you need to take some cloves, a high-quality multipurpose disinfectant with a lemon fragrance and finally a coconut detergent . These are just the products you will need and which we will now see how you should use.

urinate in the house dog

You need to start by making clove tea. Prepare 200 ml of hot water and pour 10 tablespoons of cloves into it, leave to infuse and then leave to cool. Start by pouring in the 200ml of clove tea and then add another 200ml of lemon all-purpose sanitizer .

At this point also pour in the coconut detergent. You will only need 100ml of this. Pour into the bowl and mix the three products well. Then pour with the help of a funnel into an empty and previously washed and clean spray bottle. Now you can use this product you created in the places where your pet usually pees.

DIY solution against pee in the house

For example you can put it on the carpet. The strong smell will make the dog or cat no longer come near the carpet to do their business. This way you will solve it very easily. You can also try this method and you can also find using it on the floors of some rooms that these target.

In fact, it is the smell that makes the animal move away and not pee right there. You don’t need expensive products to create this solution, so it’s also quite economical as they are products that you can then reuse around the house. All you have to do is check at home too.