The orchid is one of the plants most loved by women, it beautifies and cheers up the house, with splendid, simply cheerful colours, which make the atmosphere warm and welcoming. Many women keep it in the living room, others in the garden, on the terrace or balcony or even on the windowsill.

Withered orchid

Unfortunately not all of us have a green thumb, there are those who just can’t take care of the plants despite making a thousand different attempts to get a good result.

If a seedling dies despite the care and attention, one promises oneself not to take any more, then usually one gives in and history repeats itself. If your orchid is almost dead, don’t worry, the last word hasn’t been said, it may be that somehow you will be able to bring it back to life and make sure that it returns to being perfect, in splendid shape.

The trick that allows you to give life to the orchid again

If we intervene in the world that follows, we can remedy a situation that is certainly unpleasant and complicated , indeed at times even dramatic. Very few ingredients and tools are enough that we all have at home or that can be easily found in any shop to bring the dead orchid back to life without spending too much money and without effort.

What you need is ground cinnamon, a plastic bottle, a pair of scissors, a dish sponge, a used one is fine, a plastic bag, a bit of bark, a water vaporizer and a plant pot .

Here’s how and what to do to revive the plant in a few simple steps

The plant is extracted from the pot, the dead parts are eliminated, therefore dry branches, petals, comma leaves, roots. To do this, sterilized scissors are used. Then you take the cinnamon powder and pass it over, this prevents the flower from getting mold fungi or any other disease. At this point, place the orchid in a dry place for two days. It must be placed on a cotton cloth. Then it is repotted, to do this you need a plastic bottle with the neck cut off, then a few small holes are made in the base which are used to let the excess water flow.

A wet sponge is placed at the base, it must be sterilized and cleaned even if used, then the orchid is placed on top and covered with a bag. This serves to create the greenhouse effect which allows the seedling to grow quickly in the warmth and sheltered from bad weather. The bottle must be completely covered, the bag must remain still so if you are afraid that it might move, you can apply the wire. All this will help ensure that the orchid recovers after a maximum of one or two months and returns to being a seedling full of life. Then it is necessary to remember that this must be exposed to the sun all year round except in summer otherwise it dies due to too high temperatures. Once the new roots appear, repot it and that’s it.

What you need to know to take good care of the plant all year round

It must be remembered that when watering the orchid, the usual method of pouring water directly on it should not be used.

The best method would be the natural one, i.e. rainwater since tap water is dangerous because it is calcareous water. The absolute best would be to immerse the vase for at most 5-10 minutes in a bucket of water. The seedling thrives best in damp places, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Which soil is best to use

It is advisable not to use normal potting soil but the special one for orchids on sale in all plant shops and nurseries. Fertilization is necessary and takes place from March to October, twice a month.

When the plant has faded or is about to fade, it can be made to flower again by simply cutting the branch above the second node. It may happen that the plant develops aerial roots that even go outside the pot. Although you may have the opposite feeling, this is a sign of well-being of the plant, it means that it is fine, therefore it is not necessary to act in any way.