A particular technique to grow many orchid buds directly on the branch. Experts explain how to do it.

Technique for growing an orchid

For all those who love orchids and would like to have lots of them at home, there is a method from expert nurserymen that allows this. This is a completely natural process, which allows you to have many flowering plants without having to buy them. A cutting and a natural ingredient, one of a kind, to be gradually taught to everyone you know. This is the only method taught by all professionals in the sector, also suitable for those who do not have a green thumb.

Technique for growing new orchid shoots

The orchid is a refined and elegant plant, with different types of colors and flowers available. They perfume and embellish the rooms of the house, giving a distinctive note that certainly does not go unnoticed. A gift to consider on every occasion, but also a beautiful plant that you have at home and gives harmony to the rooms.

Lush orchid

Precisely for this reason, the expert nurserymen have decided to reveal a little secret for the propagation and to give birth to the shoots directly on the branch with a small natural method . To do all this, it will be sufficient to take a pair of shears and an orchid plant, which has already put flowers at least once. Not only that, you will have to choose a fertilizer that can aid in growth.

Ingredients and method of expert nurserymen

Nurserymen  reveal their secret to obtaining a lush orchid, starting from the shoots that arise from a single branch. It is important that the orchid chosen initially is healthy and has been treated correctly, starting from the assumption of always using only natural nourishment and fertilizers. It must also receive plenty of water and be placed in a humid and sunny place.

Not only that, the water must never stagnate where the roots are specifically to prevent it from rotting. From a healthy plant you can obtain a root capable of sprouting endlessly.

How to proceed? The first thing to do is take a head of garlic that will be used for this particular action. We proceed – after wearing gloves – cut the branch of the plant perpendicularly. Then separately prepare what is needed to obtain a special and natural nutrient.

garlic for orchid

Take the garlic and mince it completely and then add some water, mixing the ingredients well. The mixture obtained is placed inside a piece of furniture in the dark, leaving it to macerate for a week. Take the cutting, disinfect the cut and filter the substance composed of garlic. The liquid mixture is ready for the cutting, which will be soaked so that it can absorb all the ingredients . Immediately afterwards it is placed in a vase with earth and soil rich in natural nutrients. In a few weeks you will be able to notice lots of new shoots.