Did you know that there is a secret to having a great harvest from plants? You can grow and harvest many good fruits effortlessly, thanks to the ash dust that you can easily find, let’s find out what it is.

Ash dust on plants

Having a good harvest from the plants you grow in the garden or in the garden is certainly your desire, but it is not always possible in this intent. Sometimes it is the fault of the soil, or of poor care, or better still by the inability to know how to cultivate plants.

Fortunately, there are effective products that meet any deficiency and allow you to obtain a bountiful harvest of fruits, even exaggerated. It is a powder that you can easily find and that will allow you to take the best care of lemon plants, oranges and all the citrus fruits that you want to grow personally.

With this powder you will get an excellent fertilizer to feed your plants like you have never done before, and that you will have to apply before harvest, when the heat is about to come and the plants are dehydrating. Let’s find out what this powder consists of and how to use it!

potatoes and ash

Ash powder excellent as a fertilizer for citrus fruits

A good fertilizer to grow citrus fruits and get a bountiful harvest, but also juicy fruits, must contain macro-elements such as potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.

A special powder to obtain excellent results is ash, widely used in ancient times as fertilizer, and today it is back in vogue because it is recognized as an exceptional product to grow lush citrus plants and ensure an excellent harvest.

Ash dust contains particularly nutritious elements for plants and after being shelved for a long time returns to be one of the best organic fertilizers ever, to be used in different ways and also capable of increasing soil fertility.

What ash to use to get fertilizer

The ideal ash to use to prepare an excellent fertilizer for fruit trees and also for citrus fruits is that of the fireplace. You can use the one from the wood-burning fireplace or the one obtained from a brushwood bonfire to bring benefits to the plants.

The essential nutrients present in wood ash are perfect for making plants grow luxuriantly and produce good and abundant fruit.

In particular, the presence of potassium in the ash regulates the water balance of plants and allows nutrients to be transported inside, creating starches and sweeteners, essential for proper growth. Citrus plants will also be more resistant to cold and frost, and even drought.

With this solution you will get an organic and also cheap product, so you will definitely save a lot compared to buying fertilizers that are quite expensive.


How to prepare a fertilizer with ash

Preparing an efficient fertilizer with ash to have a bountiful harvest is easy, just have at hand the other ingredients you need to obtain it, which are:

  • Half a kilo of ash;
  • Coal;
  • 2 liters of water.

Put the water in a bucket, pour the ashes and then the coal, and mix everything with a rather long sprig of dry wood so as not to get your hands wet. After stirring for a while, add a solution prepared with water and pieces of metal left to macerate earlier.

This preparation is an excellent substitute for volcanic ash when it is not possible to find it, which contains metals such as iron, magnesium and manganese. Using this type of ash on plants feeds the bacteria that produce catalytic enzymes, excellent for making nutrients immediately available. The benefits go to both plants and soil.

After obtaining fertilizer, it is enough to spread it around the trunk of the plant, but not too close, using it once a month. The fruits will be copious and juicy, and you can eat oranges, lemons and other exquisite citrus fruits.