Did you know that a simple move is enough to kill all the pests that have attacked your plants? This method is also used by gardeners, let’s find out what it consists of!

Lemon peels in flowers

Taking care of plants with natural methods is certainly preferable to chemicals that release harmful compounds into the environment and are bad for health. However, you probably don’t know that you can also use food waste to effectively care for plants, such as lemon peels.

That’s right, they have exceptional power in driving pests away from plants and allowing them to grow perfect and healthy. This method is also used by gardeners, skilled in cultivating plants and therefore experts in protecting them from pest attacks.

Unfortunately, it often happens that mites, fungi, ants and insects of all kinds settle on plants until they die. However, if you intervene with the lemon peel method, your plants will continue to grow luxuriantly. Here are all the properties and benefits of lemon peels and how to use them!


Properties of lemon peels

A positive note of using lemon peels to make plants healthier is that you no longer have to throw them away, thus reducing the amount of waste. These food waste have incredible properties that allow you to eliminate pests that make plants sick and make them dry.

Thanks to their amount of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, lemon peels offer plants enormous nutrients that enrich the soil, helping plants to stay healthy and lush. Plants become more resistant to insect attacks and manage to develop and grow.

Lemon peels avoid infestations of numerous pests, including aphids, and help prevent and treat their attacks in a natural way, acting as a real insecticide.

Lemon peels in the soil to ward off pests

A simple way to take advantage of the antiparasitic properties of lemon peels is to chop them into small pieces and put them on the ground, trying to create a round of skins around the plant.

In this way the pH of the soil will increase, which will be more acidic, therefore not pleasant to pests. These, in fact, will stay away from plants since they do not like the smell of citrus fruits. You can also bury the lemon peels and form a kind of compost to be used as fertilizer for your plants.

With this method you will save on buying fertilizers and will no longer spend money on caring for garden or vegetable garden plants. In addition, you are sure to use an absolutely natural product, which does not contain substances harmful to the health of both humans and pets.

Cockroach on faucet

DIY fertilizer with lemon peel

Preparing a fertilizer at home with  lemon peels is very simple, here’s how you need to do:

  • Peel two fresh lemons;
  • Boil the peels in 1 liter of water;
  • Let the liquid cool;
  • Let the solution stand for 3 days.

After the time has elapsed, transfer the mixture obtained into a spray bottle and spray it on the plants. Thanks to this excellent homemade fertilizer with natural ingredients you can have beautiful and lush plants.

The essential oils released during boiling in water from lemon peels will be effective in keeping pests away and at the same time keeping plants healthy and perfect. Use this fertilizer at least twice a month to ensure optimal plant development.

You can use this fertilizer whenever you want, in any season of the year, because it is always effective and has no contraindication even if it is hot or cold.

As you can see, with this simple and effective method to put into practice, you have solved both the problem of pests on plants and that of finding a natural and cheap fertilizer. And the beauty that is that you can use it on any plant, without reservations!