Rotten and yellowed flower? There is a method suggested by nursery experts that allows you to reinvigorate and make the plant healthier. Here’s what method it is.

trick to reinvigorate plants

There are different causes and different factors that can weaken plants: vitamin and mineral deficiency, seasonality, pathologies, bacteria, fungi, mold, lack or excessive quantity of water, etc. In short, there are many exogenous and endogenous factors and causes that can weaken the plant. Very often we resort to the use of fertilizers and chemical fertilizers, but they are not always the most effective solution. For this reason, nursery experts recommend using valid natural remedies. There is a natural and truly effective method that allows you to strengthen the immune system of vegetable crops by using a green and economical healing nutrient. Here’s what it is.


Weakened plant with yellow leaves and dried flowers: here are the possible causes

There are several causes and factors that can weaken the plant over time. Using the wrong pot can weaken the roots of the plant or be completely unsuitable for the healthy and vigorous growth of the cultivar. Think, for example, of the healthy and vigorous growth of the orchid. This annual perennial requires growing in a clear pot and not a plastic pot.

Even the same lack of nutrients , including vitamins and minerals, can be one of the main causes of the weakening of the plant. Vegetable crops require different types of nutrients that help strengthen the immune system. Plants usually require inorganic nutrients, which play a fundamental role in crop metabolism.

Organic nutrients represent ninety percent of the dry fraction of plants and are made up of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. The minerals necessary for the healthy and vigorous growth of the plant are macronutrients and micronutrients. Micronutrients are made up of enzymes and are needed in smaller quantities. The plant requires manganese, iron, copper, molybdenum, chlorine, zinc and nickel. The main macronutrients are carbohydrates and lipids. Among the main essential nutrients are: nitrogen, calcium, oxygen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and carbon. The need for nutrients depends on the pH of the substrate.

Another cause of weakening of the vegetable crop is represented by the presence of scale insects , that is, insects that feed on the sap of the vegetable crop. These little insects produce a sugary substance, honeydew.

Rotten and yellowed flower: here is the healing nourishment to strengthen the immune system

To strengthen the plant’s immune system it is possible to prepare a natural and effective remedy. Just heat the water and add three or four bay leaves. After several hours, you can filter the aqueous solution, pour it into a spray bottle and spray it on the soil, leaves and flowers. Laurel is a spice beneficial not only for human health, but also for that of vegetable crops. Laurel boasts various functions: it is an excellent natural repellent capable of keeping insects and parasites away, it has an antiseptic, relaxing and antioxidant function.