How to best feed an orchid? This is the secret revealed by all experienced nurserymen and the orchid will thank you for this ingredient and will be very lush.

spoon and orchid

An orchid is not only beautiful and elegant, in fact this is a plant that needs continuous care and great attention. The ideal location is in a humid and sunny place, such as the laundry room or bathroom, as well as wanting a lot of water to hydrate but too much that can rot the roots. In short, difficult and beautiful as never before, this is a plant loved by everyone for obvious reasons. Experienced  nurserymen  have always used an ingredient to nourish the plant, never revealed. It has finally emerged so that everyone can use it for orchids that are at home.

The secret ingredient to nourish the orchid and make it lush

When you have orchids at home it is almost impossible to keep them healthy as an expert in the field would do. Making home environments pretty is important, as well as having a healthy and lush flowering. Plants need important nutrients, especially orchids. The supplement can be made with natural ingredients that are found directly at home. Not only that, in this specific case we also talk about non-waste, precisely because we are going to use a particular ingredient usually thrown away as waste.

The ingredients to be used are:

  • Rice cooking water 1 liter;
  • Monopodic glutamate 2/3 grams;
  • Spray;
  • Basin.
rice cooking water

The procedure is very easy, in fact just take a basin and pour the cooking water directly to then add the glutamate. Mix well mixing the ingredients. Then wet the soil of the orchids with the magical solution obtained and pour the liquid into the spray, so that you can also wet the leaves and the stem.

What are the properties of rice water?

Rice cooking water is precious for all plants, especially orchids. The mixture can be used as watering, always taking care to wet the leaves and stem. Obviously, this will have to be done once every two weeks in order to receive all the nutrients the plant needs without ever exaggerating. This is important, especially if the plant is not in a state of vegetative rest.

healthy orchid

There are also very important conditions of use. In fact, it is important that the rice cooking water is not salty. If it has been salted for the preparation of rice, it should absolutely not be used to water the plant because it risks compromising its growth and well-being. Not only is it important that the cooking water has cooled completely. Using hot or boiling water could kill the plant and would be a huge damage.

This is a method rich in properties and nutrients for the plant itself, if used in the best way as experts in the field do.