To keep the flowers fresh in all seasons it is possible to rely on a very simple method: one capsule is enough.

capsule for your flowers

With the arrival of the spring season we witness the explosion of colors characterized by the rebirth of flowers and plants , which return to dominate the scene, infusing elegance and beauty in all the places where they are found. The many green thumb enthusiasts choose to enrich their home and garden with green friends, so as to be able to enjoy their majesty and give the home brightness and vitality. However, the goal of those who love to grow plants at home or in the lawn is to be able to keep flowers fresh in all seasons: not a simple undertaking, but certainly possible.

With a simple tablet the flowers will return fresh and strong

Preserving the freshness of flowers is the best viaticum to guarantee long life to our plants. An important step, therefore, which can be completed with effective results thanks to an infallible method. It is an organic fertilizer that can keep especially bonsai fresh. In fact, it may happen that the leaves of the plant begin to turn yellow , losing their characteristic vitality. To stop this process and make the plant shine again as it once did, it is therefore necessary to rely on this solution, which must be applied regularly to ensure that the greenery returns to fill the plant and every corner of the house.

Yellowed plants

The first thing to do is get a bowl, where we will add about 250 ml of water . At this point, an effervescent tablet is dissolved inside the bowl, which can play a decisive role in the care of plants. The common aspirin, in fact, contains a very important substance such as acetylsatilic acid , a real panacea for our green friends. One tablet is enough to improve the plant’s immune system,  protecting it from attack by insects and parasites and ensuring faster germination and longer life.

By dissolving the tablet in the water in the bowl we will then create a mixture that will allow our plants to defend themselves from microbes , so that they grow strong and lush. As soon as the medicine dissolves completely in water we can proceed with watering the plant that has lost freshness.

Miracle irrigation: all the benefits for plants

The plant must be watered carefully and delicately to avoid the risk of causing damage. With the correct irrigation of the roots of the flowers, we will soon see the benefits of this solution. After having uniformly watered the soil of the plant on which we have decided to intervene, all that remains is to keep the flower pot in a shaded place within one or two days of watering.

Fresh flowers

As time passes we will notice that the leaves of the plant have regained strength and the yellowing will only remain a memory. All thanks to the effervescent tablet, which stops the action of ethylene and thus stops drying. Furthermore, the tablet is an excellent pesticide and fungicide and also helps the plant improve its drought tolerance.