To have healthy orchids, just one cup of this homemade liquid is enough: it is excellent and all expert nurserymen recommend it.

liquid for orchids

How to make a beautiful orchid last forever? Although it is a very difficult plant to grow, there are some little tricks that allow you to keep it alive for five more years and more. It is a completely natural substance, rich in elements that can make the difference for such a delicate plant. Experienced nurserymen use this mix every day for their plants and recommend it even to those who don’t have a green thumb.

Natural ingredients for healthy orchids

Orchids are not only beautiful but also very difficult to keep alive. In fact, they are considered among the most difficult to cure, even by those with a perfect green thumb. In addition to a perfect location rich in humidity, these plants need continuous hydration and watering.

Healthy orchid

Nurserymen have noticed that by frequently wetting this plant with a specially created substance  , wonderful flowering and a long life can be achieved.

The simple and natural ingredients are:

  • An Apple;
  • An Aloe Vera leaf.

Wash and cut the apple into chunks in a saucepan, immediately after doing the same thing with the Aloe Vera leaf. The two natural ingredients must then be submerged in water at room temperature. It is left to macerate for a few minutes , then the substance is ready.

How to use the substance of apples and aloe vera

Nurseries have discovered how two ingredients of this type, together, can give the plant optimal nourishment as well as delicate watering . The apple is rich in properties and vitamins, with mineral salts that nourish deeply.

apple with aloe

A red and juicy type is chosen , so that it can transfer all kinds of benefits and properties to the orchid plant.

Aloe Vera is recognized for its natural properties already by ancient populations. It is a natural antibacterial , repels all types of bacteria and nourishes as well as hydrates all types of plants. Ideal for both the garden or people, this is the plant that helps plants be healthy and beautiful.

How to use this substance? It is preferable to filter the liquid after both ingredients have released their various properties. Immediately afterwards water the soil of the plant, even once a week (there are no contraindications).

Alternatively, the apple can be replaced with apple cider or apple cider vinegar. These two substances contain the same properties and work to protect and nourish the plant in depth. In any case, the addition of Aloe Vera is essential .

The orchid is a highly delicate plant , for this reason always use only natural ingredients. Not only that, ask your trusted nurseryman how best to proceed in order to make it beautiful and healthy.