We explain how to prepare a cup with this ingredient to obtain a garden full of flowers. Even the nurserymen don’t know it.

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Just prepare a cup and you will see your flowers as beautiful as ever. Often not even nurserymen know that such a simple ingredient can help them.

How to grow different flowers in the same garden

Having a garden full of flowers of different varieties can be very rewarding, but sometimes it can be difficult to grow flowers of different types in the same space . However, with a little planning and proper care, it is possible to create a colorful and vibrant garden.


First, it is important to carefully choose the flower varieties you want to grow. Be sure to consider the light and water needs of each variety and choose plants that can thrive in your garden’s environmental conditions. For example, if you have a sunny area , you might opt ​​for flowers that love bright light, such as zinnias or daisies. However, if you have a shaded area, you could choose flowers such as begonias or hyacinths, which thrive in lower light conditions.

Once the flower varieties have been chosen, it is important to prepare the soil adequately. Be sure to create a seed bed or transplant the seedlings to an area of ​​the garden that meets their light and water needs. Additionally, it is important to use an appropriate fertilizer for each flower variety to provide them with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

In addition to taking care of your flowers properly, it is also important to keep your garden well- groomed and tidy . Be sure to remove weeds regularly and cut back faded flowers to encourage the growth of new flowers. Also, consider using hedges or other forms of separation to create distinct areas for each type of flower, to prevent plants from overlapping or getting in each other’s way.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to get all the plants in our garden to flower. Below we will reveal a secret that will solve your problem.

With just 1 cup you will solve the situation

With just 1 cup your flowers will come back to life. What are we talking about? Of a cup of bay leaves . Laurel is an aromatic plant with dark green leaves and a characteristic intense scent. In addition to being used in the kitchen to flavor dishes, bay leaves can also be used as a natural remedy to take care of plants.

To create a bay-based fertilizer for plants, simply boil a liter of water and add about 10 bay leaves. Let it boil for about 10 minutes, then remove from the heat and let it cool. When the solution is warm, strain the mixture to remove the bay leaves and gently pour the liquid into the plant.


Laurel fights fungi and bacteria. Additionally, bay leaves contain nutrients such as calcium , iron, and magnesium, which can help strengthen plants and promote their growth. You can use this fertilizer as often as you want.