You can get rid of vegetable and garden weeds in no time and with only 50 cents. Read on to find out what you need and what you need to go buy right away.

vegetable weeds

With the arrival of the heat, the weeds grow more and more quickly and there is no time to remove them that here they come out again. They make space everywhere and it is not enough to have a vegetable garden or a garden. They grow in the cracks and we also find them along the perimeter of the house or along the stairs.

We do not advise you to use products that contain chemicals as they can be harmful both to humans and perhaps even to pets that pass through these places. The ideal is to use natural products that act directly on the plants to be eliminated.

Weeds from vegetable garden and garden

But be careful with the products that you choose to use. In fact, there are some products that are very aggressive and in addition to eliminating weeds from vegetable and garden, they can also kill the plants alongside. Below, we reveal a solution to eliminate them that costs only 50 cents. In the next paragraph you will find everything.

Here’s how to eliminate weeds from vegetable and garden

As we have said, weeds are common and are difficult to contain. They are usually very unwelcome and we always look for a way to eliminate them permanently. We recommend that you follow this recipe for a natural poison to use on weeds. First take a bowl and let’s see what you will have to put in it.

Start by pouring 1 L of water. Then add 250 grams of table salt. Mix these two ingredients together until the salt dissolves completely. Now take 100 ml of vinegar and pour it inside. Finally put dishwashing liquid, even this 100 ml is enough.

Natural poison to eliminate weeds

Mix well to mix all the ingredients well. Once the solution is ready, transfer it to a bottle. Make a small hole in the cap so that only weeds go. It is important that you pour this solution only on the plants that you do not want in your garden, the unwanted ones.

You will have to wait a few days to see the results. After a few days the plants will start to dry out and you can eliminate them. We then advise you to pour this solution again when removing weeds. This is certainly not a definitive solution though.

Other methods to eliminate unwanted herbs

This is not the only method. Infact, you can also simply use baking soda. Just take a bottle and pour inside 1 L of water and 10 grams of baking soda. Shake and pour only in the places where the plants are most widespread. Alternatively, you can also pour baking soda directly on the plants.

But there are attentions. Whether it is the natural poison with the recipe before or with baking soda it is important not to pour these solutions on the plants when there are temperatures above 35 ° C. It is better to do it in the evening when the sun has set. Try it yourself.