The basil plant from the supermarket dries up as soon as it arrives home: the reason is there and it is good to take immediate action.

dried basil plant

Needless to turn around, the basil plant is the one most present in gardens, vegetable gardens and at home. Its heady scent gives an extraordinary touch and its bright green color embellishes any environment. Often and willingly, the seedling purchased at the supermarket once it arrives at home looks very dry. What happens to her during the journey and why does she dry out? Nurserymen explain the causes of this sudden change.

Basil, what care is needed?

Basil is an aromatic plant that never fails in Italian kitchens, the perfect symbol of Made in Italy in the world. Unique ingredient for the culinary tradition, with its touch of scent and flavor that spreads in every type of dish. When you buy a seedling at the supermarket, here is this dry once you get home.

The plants purchased in a supermarket – say experts in the field – are studied in order to last a short time. A marketing strategy that leads the consumer to have to buy another after a very short time. The nurserymen themselves invite consumers to buy the plants and flowers from experts, advising however some moves for the recovery of the seedling.

Supermarket basil plant

In fact, basil itself does not require specific care and is a plant suitable even for those who do not have a good green thumb. The causes that lead to drastic change are not attributable to the consumer, but to a series of external factors.

Dry supermarket basil plant: the causes

When the basil plant is bought at the supermarket, most of the time it tends to dry out once in the car or at home. It is likely that the plant spent many days in direct contact with artificial light and with a correct, controlled temperature. The transition to natural light and a temperature range for the plant is not positive, so it tends to dry out, and in some cases die.

The advice is to make her recover from the shock, trying to keep her at home near a window. The plant must have time to adapt to the new environment and temperature.

Basil plant

Attention also to watering, in fact the soil must always be hydrated. It is also possible that the seedlings may not have been properly hydrated: once at home you will have to give alternating water, so as to rehydrate but not all at once.

Supermarket basil can also be transplanted into another pot, but it is important that the soil is fertile and not compact. Then you choose a product to fertilize based on nitrogen, even better if liquid. The plant can be recovered with small and simple gestures, which are optimal for its readaptation.