When we notice that the leaves of the rose plants have holes in them, we absolutely must intervene: here’s how. 

Holey leaves

With the return of the warmer months, nature takes over and offers truly fascinating spectacles. The beauty, color and brightness of flowers and plants invades gardens, windowsills, balconies and even the interiors of the apartments of those who choose to grow some green friends within their walls. Among the many flowers that green thumb enthusiasts choose to enrich their vegetable garden or enhance the decor of their home there are certainly roses , which are chosen above all for their magnificence and their many colours. However, as with all plants, if we choose to take care of roses we must do so with great care, trying to guarantee the roses everything they need and protecting them from any type of risk.

Rose leaves with holes: we must act quickly to save the plant

This is why we need to intervene immediately if we notice that there is something wrong with the leaves of the rose plants. In fact, it is not uncommon to notice that the leaves of the roses have holes and that the surface is no longer as smooth as in the past. What is going on?

Holey rose leaves

There can be many causes for these holes to appear on rose leaves. The important thing is to know them to know how to intervene and ensure that the roses return to full health.

First of all we need to remember what happened in the previous days in terms of weather. To be clearer, if a hailstorm hit our area in the last few days it is likely that this event caused the holes.

In addition to hail, wind can also cause this damage to rose leaves. In fact, on a particularly windy day, the leaves of the roses collide with the branches of the plant, forming holes.

If, on the other hand, the cause cannot be traced to hail or wind, it is very likely that our beloved roses have been attacked by insects. It happens above all in the summer, when insects and parasites return to appear in large quantities not only in the gardens and on the balconies, but also inside the house.

The good news is that targeted action can be taken to defeat parasites and strengthen the rose plant, guaranteeing our green friend excellent health and long life.

If the parasites that are attacking the plant are the black sawflies of the rose , with the larvae identifiable on the undersides of the leaves, we must first carry out periodic monitoring of the leaves themselves to see if these parasites are present.

Also watch out for the argidi: you can defeat them with a natural remedy

In this case you can intervene with a damp cloth or perhaps with a pyrethrum-based product , which should be able to eliminate the black sawflies on the rose within a short time.


In summer, however, roses are more likely to find themselves dealing with argids , also known as rose caterpillars. In their larval phase, argids need plant leaves for nourishment.

Precisely to prevent their aggressiveness from irreparably damaging the rose plant, it is also advisable in this case to carry out accurate checks on the state of health of our green friend.

Chemical products can easily eliminate clay, but the advice is always to choose a pyrethrum-based treatment . Alternatively you can solve the problem with some natural homemade products.

A remedy against argides consists in mixing 15 grains of black pepper suitably minced in half a liter of plain water . Let the solution rest for about an hour and then spray it on the leaves to eliminate the argids and ensure that the rose plant returns to full health.