Here’s how to get rid of stains from pots. With this very simple method, your clay pots will come back as new as they used to be.

White halos on the pot

We reveal everything about this incredible method used by many gardening experts and home care and its outdoor areas.

White marks in clay pots, what are the causes

Those who own several terracotta pots that welcome plants in their garden or balcony will surely have noticed that often this material tends to stain white. This is a real shame that happens, especially when we take care of our garden in detail and we absolutely do not want this to be ruined by unexpected events like these.

These white spots are so unsightly, that many try them all to eliminate them. Today, fortunately, we reveal an incredible method that will allow you to remove stains from your clay pots, without spending a fortune on aggressive chemicals.

Vases stained white

First, however, we reveal why terracotta pots tend to stain. The threats are in particular two and no one expected that they could be theirs. One of the main causes of stains on clay pots is the water we use to water or in general to clean our garden.

Water, in fact, contains many mineral salts that make water quite hard. This water, once evaporated, leaves trails of limestone that remain on the pots. Another reason is the accumulation of fertilizer residues, which also contain mineral salts and therefore can stain our vessels in the same way.

What we recommend, therefore, is to be careful during the watering and spreading phase of fertilizer and to clean the pot immediately to avoid the accumulation of residues. If, despite this, your vessels continue to stain, here is a method below that we are sure will put an end to the problem.

How to get rid of stains from pots

If you are determined to remove stains from your vessels, but you do not know how to do it, here we reveal what is the best method to do it. You absolutely have to get an ingredient that we are sure you will already have in the kitchen: we are talking about vinegar.

How to get rid of stains from pots

Take a basin or any container inside which your clay pots can fit. Dilute a few milliliters of white vinegar inside a liter of water. Now immerse the jar in question inside the basin that you have previously prepared.

Once this is done, all you have to do is wait for the vinegar to act. It’s a matter of a few hours. Once this time has elapsed, you will have to dry your jar with a soft cloth. The power of vinegar will be activated and, in contact with the terra cotta, will eliminate any type of limescale or salt residue from the surface of your jar.

Remember that you can apply this remedy as many times as you like. Only in this way can you finally say goodbye to even the most stubborn white spots, which ruined the aesthetics of your vase.