Here’s what you need to know when planting tomatoes in order not to be mistaken and have juicy tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes

When you are dedicated to the cultivation of tomato plants, it is essential to know perfectly all the rules to be applied. Indications that you will need for a successful tomatoes. One of these rules is certainly the one related to the period in which tomato plants must be planted. It is essential not to miss the month if you want to get excellent tomatoes.

When planting tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of those plants most widespread and used in the gardens of Italians. Yet to allow them to grow in the most appropriate way, you need to have a lot of knowledge that allows you not to make mistakes.

Below, therefore, you will find out what is the right time to plant tomatoes, as well as further tips in this regard that you can apply as you continue with this work.

When planting tomatoes

Tomatoes are undoubtedly one of the most appreciated and cultivated fruits throughout the Italian territory. There are various kinds of tomatoes, such as San Marzano and round ones in cluster format. Each of these can be cooked differently and has its own personal and very characteristic taste.

When you bring to the table dishes based on this ingredient, made with your own hands, the taste in eating them can only increase by far. When should I plant them?

Now you will discover the favorite period of tomatoes, which is equivalent to the best one for planting them.

In this regard, it is necessary to know that this fruit does not like the most intense cold characteristic of the winter months. From this it can be understood that the best time to plant tomatoes is based on a warm climate, since it allows them to grow in the best way.

Here’s how and when to do it

Sticking to what has been said so far, the best time to plant tomatoes is certainly the one that concerns the months of May and June.


An aspect to consider in these cases is undoubtedly the place of belonging because if, for example, you live in the southern areas, the sowing could be anticipated at the beginning of April because the temperatures of the area allow it.

A reasoning that certainly cannot be done in the places located in the North of Italy.

The soil where the tomatoes will be planted, to be ideal, must be fertile, perfectly drained and enriched with nutrients. In order to prepare it in the most suitable way, there is the possibility of using a natural fertilizer.

The latter will then have to mix with the soil, adjusting according to the quantities recommended by the experts.

For sowing it is suggested to plant the tomatoes through rows, spaced between them of about 50 centimeters, so as to facilitate air circulation and uniformity related to water distribution.

Then continue digging holes in the earth, which must have a depth of about 10 centimeters.

In each hole you will place a tomato plant, keeping the roots as extensive as possible. After placing the plants, the most valid advice is to cover the roots with a lot of soil, crushing it gently, so as to avoid any air pockets.

Following these precautions, your tomatoes will be pleasantly juicy, thus flavoring each recipe with their unique and unmistakable taste.

Properties of tomatoes: here’s what they are

Eating tomatoes also means ensuring very important benefits. These are characterized by the presence of water and a low fat content. So tomatoes provide few calories, yet they are a valuable source of nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, vitamin C and K.

Tomatoes, precisely because they contain beneficial substances, are able to protect against tumors, reduce blood pressure, fight aging.

They can also help us protect our eyesight, thanks to lutein and zeaxanthin that are able to help us, in order to protect our eyes from the sun’s rays.

Precisely because the tomato contains potassium and water, it stimulates diuresis, so it can reduce retention and is also able to help us strengthen our bones, thanks to vitamin K.

In short, the tomato can be a valid ally and introduced into your diet can really act as a help for several reasons.