With the summer it is clear that our green thumb becomes decidedly more present during everyday life.

However, both for us plant lovers and for those who grow them for work, weeds grow on the agenda.

In addition to being annoying and ruining the appearance of crops and flowerbeds, these weeds can, by growing spontaneously, take over the soil and nutrients of the plants we are caring for.

It is clear that weeds can be easily eradicated with chemical products but at the same time these products could damage the soil irreversibly.


So what can we do to eliminate weeds while protecting the soil?

Also in this case green remedies can prove to be particularly effective.

There are three types of natural remedies that are right for us and that we can use without any fear.

Read on to discover natural remedies to use to eliminate weeds:

  • Salt and vinegar

A natural and very powerful herbicide is certainly a mixture made up of vinegar and salt. You need to pour 2 tablespoons of vinegar (apple, wine or alcohol) and a full teaspoon of salt into a bottle. Then we bring half a liter of hot water into the bottle and then shake for a few moments. When the salt has dissolved, simply pour the result on the weeds. In this way the vinegar will weaken the weed and the salt will change the pH of the soil.

  • Lemon juice

Using lemon juice, in this case, is child’s play. You just need to pour it on the weed you want to eliminate, in fact, in a short time, the citric acid in the lemon will burn the leaves.

  • Sugar

Sugar is also an exceptional ally. In this regard, you need to sprinkle a layer of sugar no less than one and a half centimeters high on the roots. Already the next day we will be able to notice the drier plants until they wither completely.

  • Sodium bicarbonate

To use baking soda we can choose two methods to use. The first is to dissolve a glass of bicarbonate in a liter of water and then pour it into the point where we want to act. Instead, another option to use is to place a little baking soda directly on the weeds.

At this point you just have to choose which method is best for you and your needs.

Good work.