There is a specific preparation to water tomatoes and cucumbers correctly and quickly. Experts amaze with this method.

watering tomatoes

Those who have a green thumb or those who have thought of a small vegetable garden of tomatoes and cucumbers, wonder what is the optimal method for watering. The nurserymen of the sector recommend using a natural ingredient, always available, in order to obtain every kind of benefit and properties. Not everyone knows that using this water you can certainly reach the goal set in a few simple steps.

How to water tomatoes and cucumbers?

There are those who are born with a green thumb and other people who somehow make do. In any case, those who decide to put a small vegetable garden in the garden should always ask for advice from their trusted nurseryman.

A very old trick of ancient gardeners is made available today, with the knowledge that it can do a lot for a crop of tomatoes and cucumbers.

Tomatoes and cucumbers

When you want to get something really rich for these vegetables, better follow these ancient methods by applying them. This is rice water, which can be cooked water or obtained by another cold method.

Water and rice for watering plants: the advantages

First of all you must understand that you can not use rice cooking water, the one for the creation of traditional recipes. When water has been added to it, it cannot be used for plants.

The nurserymen talk about the rice water that is used to wash it before cooking it – without salt and additions of various kinds. Indonesian research has confirmed how this water is rich in properties that can grow cucumbers and even tomatoes well.

Rice for watering tomatoes and cucumbers

In most cases, it is always recommended to wash the rice in order that the water itself is not milky. Water should not be thrown away but used for plants, thanks to a unique contribution of potassium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium and iron as well as other unique properties such as vitamins and starch. The latter is recommended to  counteract bacteria and the attack of parasites.

The advantages of this water for watering tomatoes and cucumbers are:

  • Eco-sustainable method;
  • It promotes not only plant growth but also their well-being;
  • Counteracts pests and increases good bacteria in the soil;
  • Economic remedy;
  • Increases the productivity of harvesting and fruit plants.

The above method applies twice a month. Alternatively, always twice a month, take a container with about a liter of water. Inside it pour 4 tablespoons of rice and then mix. Leave to macerate for two hours, then filter the water that will be used to water the crops.