Water and grow cucumber plants in pots or gardens with this great method. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Water cucumbers

Cucumbers are very popular vegetables to use in the kitchen, since they offer the possibility of adding flavor to a multitude of recipes These vegetables can be eaten raw or pickled. They can therefore give life to tasty salads. As mentioned, however, they can also be combined in other recipes, such as minestrone soups, purees and much more.

Like many other vegetables, besides being good, they are also very good for our body . In fact, cucumbers have high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They are rich in fiber, potassium and water and also help stimulate diuresis.

They also slow down the metabolism and guarantee benefits in various aspects, such as the regular maintenance of blood pressure and the elimination of all toxins from our body.

In this article, however, we do not want to provide information on how to cook cucumbers or on all the incredible beneficial effects of this vegetable. Instead, we want to focus on the perfect way to grow and water your cucumber plants . Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Huge cucumber crop? Here is the best way to get it

Cucumbers can be grown both in pots and on open ground The important thing is not to plant more than three seeds in the pot. In the free vegetable garden, on the other hand, each seed must be positioned at least one meter away from the other.


Regardless of the place of cultivation, it is advisable to know how these vegetables need warm temperatures to grow at their best. The humidity, however, should not exceed too high thresholds. Furthermore, the cucumber harvest must be done by tasting each product. When they are solid, then we can proceed to everything.

To grow optimally, cucumber plants need to be placed on soil capable of best draining the water . It must be quite crumbly.

For correct watering of the cucumbers, it is necessary to avoid carrying out this operation with the beating sun . It will therefore be advisable to choose early in the morning or late afternoon. You will also have to avoid wetting the stems and leaves of the various plants directly. However, irrigation must be quite frequent , especially during periods of drought and abundant heat .

In this article, however, we want to provide you with detailed information on some ingenious methods for obtaining abundant harvests from growing cucumber plants . Here are the ingredients you can use to create ideal solutions for these plants. Let’s analyze everything together.

Water the cucumbers with this method

To implement perfect cultivation of cucumber plants, it is not enough just to proceed with abundant regular watering. In fact, there are some specific solutions that will allow your cucumber plants to grow quickly and give life to a truly abundant harvest .

Watering the cucumbers

One of these solutions, with which to occasionally water your cucumbers, involves the use of one tablespoon of sugar , three tablespoons of oatmeal and one liter of water . At this point it is necessary to blend everything and then filter and dilute the mixture in another liter of clean water. This mixture can be placed under the root of your cucumber plant once a month.

Your cucumbers will grow much faster and you will produce a healthy and lush crop . However, this is not the only method to implement an abundant growth of these vegetables.

Another method, for example, involves the use of banana peels . Cut these elements into small pieces and put everything inside a container, together with about 2 liters of water. Mix well and let the peels macerate in water for about 24 hours .

This solution will then be diluted in approximately 3 liters of clean water. This will form a liquid ideal for placing under the roots of your cucumber plants . As in the previous case, even with this method your seedlings will give life to a “miracle” harvest.