There is a method to have vivid and very hard leaves using an ingredient on the orchid leaves: simple and economical.

orchid makeup

We often use plants as ornamental elements in our homes but not everyone knows that these evergreen friends of ours have beneficial effects on our health.

In addition to bringing joy due to their colors and flattening the chromatic monotony that may exist inside a room, they also make the environment healthy thanks to their action caused by photosynthesis.

Orchid: here is the method for having hard, shiny leaves and lush flowers

Plants, in fact, release carbon dioxide and some of them, in this case the succulent ones, tend to absorb humidity and therefore prevent condensation from forming on the walls.

Orchid: here is the secret ingredient for maintenance

This is very useful due to the fact that the humidity present in our room, in addition to giving off a bad smell, could form mold on our walls which we would then be forced to remove.

The presence of plants is very useful, especially on our balconies, because thanks to their flowers, we can give nectar to insects which are fundamental for ecology as they are responsible for pollination.

Orchid: here is the secret ingredient for maintenance

Thanks to their work, the ecosystem continues to function and it is always useful to have plants to help our insect friends, without having to chase them away as often happens, especially if they are harmless.

In this way, we will help these little friends and safeguard the planet thanks to the contribution we will have made by placing plants in our homes and outside of them.

One of the most common and sold plants of all time is the orchid, considered elegant due to its flowers and always used in multiple ceremonies due to its many species that adapt to every occasion.

However, many people don’t know how to keep the plant alive and tend to avoid having some at home because they don’t have a green thumb but there are some secrets to ensure that everyone can own one.

The secret ingredient

Among the characteristics of orchids that make it one of the most loved plants is that of having shiny leaves that are hard to the touch and lush flowers that are a real spectacle for anyone who looks at them.

To ensure that we too have an orchid plant with these characteristics, all we need to do is rub a mixture made of ingredients that we can easily find on its leaves.

In particular, sodium bicarbonate will make the leaves shiny and hard, due to its antibacterial action it will prevent the formation of mold and disfigurements on them, if mixed in water.

Orchid: here is the secret ingredient for maintenance

In fact, dissolved in a container of water, sodium bicarbonate should be combined with a few drops of lemon juice , and rubbed on the leaves of our orchid with a cotton pad or a soaked wad.

Subsequently, the mixture must be poured in small doses into the soil so that it can act as a fertilizer and make the branches more solid and in this way the flowers that emerge will have a bright and very showy colour.

Furthermore, even the twigs and shrubs will become solid and we will be able to make a great impression on our guests and our neighbors, perhaps sharing with them the secret for maintaining the orchid.