Among the most useful and widespread plants in our country we certainly find the laurel . It is a fantastic plant, which has been used for centuries not only in the kitchen, but also for many other purposes. In this article we will reveal some of the peculiar characteristics of laurel and a particular use related to the refrigerator . Let’s see in detail!

Laurel, a magnificent plant!

Defining the laurel plant as a magnificent plant is anything but risky. In fact, its properties are numerous. For example, you can make infusions and herbal teas that fight abdominal pain; while thanks to the fragrance that distinguishes it, it is possible to perfume the whole house and optimize recipes of all kinds.

Obviously, someone will already know that a very ancient symbolism is also linked to this plant: just think that the crowns of various ancient wise men and sovereigns were adorned with laurel.

Why use it in the refrigerator

But why should you use this plant in the fridge ? For a very simple reason: the laurel plant is capable of perfuming the entire interior of the appliance . Have you noticed that sometimes when you open the fridge door you notice bad smells or in any case very strong smells?

There are some foods which, more than others, give off a very intense smell , not necessarily linked to their correct state of conservation. Let’s think about cheese, for example. To solve the problem, you can use bay leaves. We just need to spread a few leaves on the various shelves of the appliances and leave them for several days.

It could also be combined with the action of sodium bicarbonate, which is also very useful against bad odors, thanks to its absorbent action.

Other methods you can try

There are also another number of alternative methods to use this plant. For example, you can make an infusion useful for perfuming the house and surfaces: in this case all you need to do is boil some leaves in a saucepan and then enter each room of the house with it.

Did you know, then, that it is possible to break the leaves of this magical plant directly into the vacuum cleaner bag , to perfume the whole house once the appliance has been used? Seeing is believing!

You might also consider making bags filled with bay leaves and placing it in drawers and closets . In this way, you will ward off unwelcome insects and you will be able to perfume the entire area: your clothes, regardless of what they are, will be scented to the max!