Let’s see together how to grow tomatoes in the garden in no time: with this trick the harvest will be abundant and fast!

Ingredient in the soil

Being able to create your own personal garden is a real privilege. Those who have the opportunity and who have the right spaces are really lucky. An essential factor in carrying out this activity is passion: if you do not have a green thumb it becomes very difficult to run a vegetable garden. There is a need for care, love, constancy and patience. If you are in possession of all these qualities, only excellent and quality products will be born from your garden.

Of course, if you have perseverance, patience and love it is already a huge advantage; However, without the knowledge of botany and without the knowledge of some trick the results will not be the same. Through some tricks it is possible to enhance the growth process of your vegetables, speeding up the timing and improving the results. Today we talk about how to act to get a bountiful harvest of tomatoes in no time. An infallible method that the best growers know. That’s what it’s all about.

The key to rapid growth

At the base of rapid and healthy growth are vitamins. Yes, just like us humans, plants also need the right nutrients and vitamins to grow healthily and strongly.

If you do not pay attention to the nutrient factor, the results will never come in a fully satisfactory way. Through the roots, each type of plant sucks up all the minerals and vitamins present in the soil. We must give a boost to this process by promoting the absorption of the most important vitamins: we must increase their presence in the soil.


Everything that the roots can absorb pours into our crop at 360 degrees. At stake is the health of the tomato, the speed of growth, its size, abundance and flavor. If we are not careful about this factor it could be anything but rapid and good growth. For this reason it would be good to give life to a natural fertilizer directly in our home, without resorting to chemical and dangerous ones. Below we explain how to create the perfect fertilizer with just two ingredients.

Fertilizer in the vegetable garden for tomatoes do it yourself: two ingredients are enough

For a healthy and abundant harvest we must be careful how we feed our plantations. Sometimes, water and sun are not enough. As far as tomatoes are concerned, we have the key to their healthy, abundant and fast proliferation.

It is a fertilizer that you can create at home in less than two minutes. The ingredients are only two, and there is no need to go to specialized stores to spend a fortune. What you need is yeast and tomato paste.

In half a liter of warm water add two generous tablespoons of tomato paste. If you do not have tomato paste, you can replace it with two tablespoons of spoiled jam or two tablespoons of sugar. But the most effective ingredient is concentrate.

Attention, the concentrate must necessarily be without salt. As we all know, salt corrodes and prevents the birth and growth of plants. Then mix the mixture of water and concentrate well and add the baking powder100 grams of yeast will be enough.

Tomatoes in the garden

Mix well and let the mixture rest for at least half an hour. During this time the yeast is activated and begins to ferment. After the necessary time, dilute the mixture in 10 liters of warm or hot water.

Cold water would be harmful to our compound. Before feeding our tomatoes with this excellent fertilizer, let’s make sure that the soil is not dry. If it is dry, irrigate it with clean water and only then add our fertilizer.

If we also wet the leaves, the result will be even more amazing. In a very short time something incredible will happen: many healthy and good tomatoes will sprout in the garden.