For many people, getting orchids to bloom is a challenge. Here’s how to make it easily with a special ingredient.

How to make orchids bloom

Orchids are probably the most elegant indoor plants. They give every room a touch of color in a delicate way and really look good everywhere. Many times, however, they are brought home in bloom but it is difficult to keep them thriving. Not everyone knows that with a specific ingredient it is easy to make them flourish lushly and in a short time . Let’s see what it’s about.

How to make orchids bloom at home

Known as the quintessential indoor plants, orchids have seen a real boom in recent years. In fact, if until a few years ago they were expensive and very difficult to grow, thanks to the arrival of hybrid and easy-to-grow plants, they have become more commercial and consequently cheaper . Nowadays, many varieties of orchids can be found on the market, from the largest to the smallest, but taking care of them could prove more complicated for some. It all depends on both the type of plant and the exposure to which it is subjected .

Making orchids bloom

In fact, very often it happens that you bring home beautiful and lush orchids that within a few months fade and seem to no longer want to show signs of life.

In reality, there are many tricks for making orchids bloom at home , most of which involve the use of natural ingredients. The method we are talking about today involves the use of a truly special ingredient for flowering, namely banana.

A fruit rich in nutritional properties ideal for all plants, which will help your orchids receive all the nutrients useful for their development . But how can a banana help in the flowering of orchids?

Use bananas as fertilizer

First of all, it is good to specify that only one part of the banana will be needed, which is usually a waste part. Only the peels will be needed , in order to create a syrup useful as a natural fertilizer. Making it is really very simple and quick and will help you save money and have all the nutrients the plant needs.

Banana peels

First, take the peels of three bananas and cut them into small pieces . Pour the shredded peels into a container and add a liter of water. Let everything rest for at least five hours, after which the peels will have released their properties into the water which will have taken on a yellow colour.

At this point, equip yourself with a strainer and pour the liquid into another container , filtering the peels.
You will therefore have obtained a liquid rich in potassium, nitrogen, magnesium and phosphorus. A real bomb fertilizer not only for orchids but for all plants. But how to use this super nutritious syrup?

How to use fertilizer

Very simple, just use it to water your orchids and other plants once every 7 days. It can easily be replaced with regular hydration with water, as it contains plenty of it. In a short time you will find yourself with flowering and lush plants , try it to believe it.