With this organic fertilizer your plants will grow healthy, strong and lush: you prepare it at home in a few minutes.

Natural fertilizer

With the return of the warmer season, many tend to fill their garden and even the rooms of their home with wonderful plants, which give beauty, color and brightness inside and outside the house. However, as anyone who takes care of one or more green friends knows, the maintenance of plants is very important to ensure that they can grow strong and lush. To ensure long life to the plants, therefore, it is good to pay attention to a whole series of details, starting with the use of the best fertilizer.

Very strong homemade organic fertilizer: only these ingredients are enough

Many choose to rely on chemical fertilizers that can be easily found in special stores. However, the advice is to forget about chemical solutions, as they can also cause damage to the plant and soil.

Lush plants

The ideal is instead to focus on natural and organic solutions, which can be made at home in a matter of minutes. Only in this way can we have full awareness of the ingredients used, without running any risk to the health of our plants.

How to do, then, to prepare at home an organic fertilizer that is really effective and allows our plants to always remain healthy and strong?

The choice to opt for natural fertilizers is always apt, especially if the plants in question are particularly delicate and need treatments of a certain type that do not endanger their health.

In addition, with fertilizers prepared at home you also save a lot: just a few common ingredients to make a very effective solution.

It seems incredible, but all you need is a liter of water and 100 ml of milk. Just immerse the milk in the liter of water and mix thoroughly to prepare the solution that will allow our plants to enjoy so much nourishment.

How to apply this remedy? It can be poured both on the soil and on the plant; The alternative is to spray this solution with a nebulizer.

Milk is indeed an exceptional food to ensure healthy and strong growth to our plants, but it is not the only one. In fact, there are several alternatives to prepare an organic fertilizer that is always very effective.

All alternatives to milk: the best substances for the plant

One of these is the cooking water of the eggs, which we can mix with the liter of water for a truly portentous natural and organic preparation.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt is also very popular as an organic fertilizer for its extraordinary beneficial properties. In particular, Epsom salt is very rich in hydrated magnesium sulfate, a substance that promotes excellent growth for our plant.

Finally, instead of milk we can also use compost tea, an organic compound often used by farmers to obtain an improvement for the plant, which can benefit from a whole series of microorganisms and organic substances.

All you have to do is take a handful of compost tea and put it in the water, letting it act for about a week. After this time, we proceed with the filtering and thus obtain an exceptional solution for our plant.