There is a very simple way to plant a tree to make it grow quickly: let’s find out together how to do it. Here are all the details.

Planting a tree

When we think of a beautiful cozy garden, an image immediately takes shape in our heads: many flowers, plants and many majestic trees. Trees are a gift of nature without equal, majestic and perfect give us the best fruits, give us beauty and, above all, oxygen. In a garden that you want to turn into a small personal oasis, the trees can not miss. The summer season begins and there is nothing more beautiful than being able to lie in the shade of a tree, perhaps reading a good book.

What scares all those who would like to give new life to the garden, is precisely the cultivation of trees. As we all know, the birth of a tree is not something that happens overnight, it takes a lot of patience.

Gardening, however, teaches us that with some unconventional tricks we can achieve our goals in less time and with excellent results. Today we find out together how to plant a tree so that it grows three times faster!

Gardening: the activity for the very few

We can all try gardening, there is nothing and no one that forbids us to approach this discipline. We can try and even achieve some results but, if we are not brought and we do not have a green thumb, we will give up everything in no time.

Gardening is so full of rules, details and facets that only those with a great passion can follow with dedication. It takes a great deal of patience, a good dose of perseverance and a huge dose of passion.

How to grow a tree quickly

Fortunately, there are some tricks and tricks useful for achieving excellent results. What we explain today, is a clever and intuitive method to plant a tree in the garden.

Not many people know it, but they are tricks from the past and from the studies of the most experienced growers. If you want to give new life and new look to your garden, read on to find out how you can do it without too much effort.

Planting a tree has never been easier: it will grow three times faster

As already mentioned, what scares most about the idea of planting trees in the garden, is to understand how to take care of them and above all the timing of growth. In order for the tree to grow quickly, you will first need to create a very deep hole, at least one and a half meters.

At the bottom of the hole we throw stones so as to cover the whole bottom. Then we insert a plastic tube that is a little higher than the hole itself: it will have to come out of at least 50 centimeters. We add 50% soil and 50% compost in the hole.

How to grow a tree quickly

At this point it is necessary to transfer our sapling still in the growth phase and fix it well in the soil. If you are wondering, the tube has a specific and ingenious function: by pouring water into it, we will be able to get it deep, right at the roots of our tree. The tree will be able to take all the nutrients necessary for its development, and this is the secret to giving it more strength and vigor.