How to make the floor in the house shine for a long time? There is a method on the part of cleaning professionals to try right away.

Compound for floors

What to do when a floor in your home is opaque? We are looking for indicated products that can make it shiny again in no time. Unfortunately, in most cases these are chemicals that pollute and make surfaces shiny for a very short time. Cleaning experts reveal a little secret, with the use of a 100% natural and effective product.

Why does the floor become opaque?

The opacity of the floor of the house is an issue that plagues homeowners around the world. It is a phenomenon that can be caused by several factors, ranging from lack of cleaning to deterioration of materials.

One of the most common factors contributing to floor opacification is lack of maintenance. If the floor is not cleaned regularly and thoroughly, dust, dirt and other debris accumulate which can make the surface dull and uninviting. Failure to clean can also cause stains and halos to form on the floor, which can be difficult to remove.

Floor of the house

Another factor that can contribute to floor opacification is the use of inadequate cleaning products. Some cleaners and solvents may contain corrosive chemicals that damage the floor surface, making it dull and lacking in shine. It is important to use cleaning products specific to the type of floor in question,  and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent deterioration.

In some cases, the opacity of the floor in the house can be caused by structural damage or prolonged use. The floor may suffer scratches and abrasions due to normal wear and tear, or more serious damage as a result of accidents or incorrect maneuvers. In these cases, often the solution is to return the floor to its original state by removing the damaged parts and replacing those irreparably compromised.

Bright home floor only with this ingredient

The use of ash to clean and make the floor of the house shine is one of the oldest and most natural techniques that exist. This practice has been used for centuries and remains an effective alternative to floor cleaning chemicals today.

Ash is the residue from the combustion of wood, coal or other organic materials. The use of ash as a cleaner for household cleaning was already common in ancient times. In fact, many historical sources document the use of ash for cleaning kitchens, stables and domestic environments.

Floor ash

But how does ash work? First, ash is a natural abrasive that removes dirt from the floor surface, without scratching it. In addition, ash contains potassium and other minerals that enhance its cleaning effect.

To use ash, you need to follow some simple guidelines. First, it is important to collect ash from a fireplace or wood stove. Ash must be cold and dry, otherwise it will not work properly.

Once the ash is obtained, you can begin cleaning the floor. For this, it is enough to spread the ash on the surface and rub with a broom or brush. It is important to keep in mind that ash should not be used on marble floors or other delicate materials, as it may cause scratches or damage.

After rubbing the floor with ash, dust should be removed with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Finally, you can wipe a damp cloth on the floor surface to remove any ash or dust residue.