Rotten and yellowed plants? Thanks to this method, they will quickly become beautiful and lush again.

solution for yellowed plants

Yellowed or rotten plants are nothing more than the consequence of lack of care, excessive watering or positioning of the pot unsuitable for that type of plant. Added to all this is also a possible disease, with insects that feed on the plant’s sap until it dies. Experts teach ways to help them and completely natural ingredients that counteract any type of phenomenon : in this case the substance counteracts the attack of insects and restores plants with rotten roots and yellow leaves.

Yellowed and rotten plants, what are the ingredients to save them?

If the plants have yellow leaves and rotten roots , there are some ingredients that can be used in order to save them and make them even more beautiful than before. In most cases, the plant needs to be nourished as best as possible with elements that are rich in mineral salts and vitamins.

An ideal liquid substance for plants and their daily needs is composed of:

  • Brown sugar – 3 tablespoons
  • Lukewarm water – 1 litre
  • Ground cinnamon – 3 tablespoons
  • Black pepper powder – 1 tbsp
Brown sugar and cinnamon

3 essential ingredients to nourish the plant, hydrate it and restore vigor. Black pepper acts as a natural repellent, eliminating insects and preventing the arrival of new ones. Expert nurserymen recommend always using these ingredients with the procedure as follows.

How to apply the substance to plants: advice from nurserymen

The preparation has as its main ingredients powdered black pepper, powdered cinnamon and brown sugar.

black pepper

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Take a liter of warm water and add the brown sugar, stirring until it dissolves;
  2. Now pour in the cinnamon powder and mix well until it has dissolved
  3. The same goes for the black pepper powder to mix and melt.

All elements that nourish the earth , hydrate and counteract attacks by parasites. Once you have obtained the liquid mixture, pour it into a glass in quantities suitable for the type of problem and size of the plant.

Fertilizer for plants

This natural fertilizer will be used no more than once a month, considering that all the ingredients are powerful and help the plant recover within a few days. Always ask experts for advice to understand what quantities are suitable for the plant or whether it requires particular treatment.

The above mix of ingredients is optimal for every type of plant , without exception, in the quantities indicated and with the methods of use which must never exceed one application per month.