It is a plant capable of driving all mice away from the house. It is actually very common and serves to season traditional dishes.

aromatic plants for mice

How to keep mice away from home without harming them? It is an impossible coexistence, for this reason it is time to adopt plants to keep at home that can ward off these unwelcome animals. These are plants with scents particularly pleasing to humans, but not to mice. One in particular is used to season dishes and is excellent for enriching the Italian tradition. Which one is it? Let’s find out now.

Plant to keep mice away from home

Removing mice from home, or at least not letting them approach, becomes a real mission often and willingly. It is not appropriate to use chemicals with preservatives, not only for the sake of mice but also for the health of humans and the environment.

Insecticides are specifically designed to harm the health of these animals. Not only that, in fact, going forward in time they can also affect the human body by developing asthma – irritations and allergies. In nature there are natural repellents or plants that are often already found at home or in the garden.

The main protagonist is undoubtedly mint.

Mint drives mice away from home

Its scent is delicious, but for mice it is a real nightmare. Not only that, this natural pesticide also drives away cockroaches and spiders. The aromatic note it gives to the dishes is irreplaceable, while the mice will look for another place to build their home.

Another plant that is used for traditional dishes, present in all homes is basil. Its green leaves are especially popular in cooking, while its smell is a natural repellent for mice and insects in general. Not only the plant, in fact you can also use a spray that perfumes the rooms while keeping rodents away.

Plants that mice do not like: they are beautiful

To further enhance the repellent power in the house, other plants can also be adopted and placed:

  • Lavender, symbol of elegance and relaxation. This herb is a natural remedy that drives away mice and insects of various kinds. It is not only beautiful to look at, but also to perfume the environments in a delicate way. The fragrance is perceived by mice as annoying, while for humans it is pleasant;
Lavender as a rat repellent
  • Laurel is a plant symbol of ancient wisdom, but also a repellent to drive insects and mice away from home. Very easy to grow, this is a shrub with an irresistible scent that fills the whole house.

With a few simple steps you can have a garden full of beauty, color and unique fragrances. At the same time, mice will no longer enter the house.