Taking care of plants is not as simple as it seems, since several precautions must be taken into account. In particular, we must also pay close attention to fertilization. Say goodbye to all those chemicals, just make a perfect natural fertilizer for plants: let’s find out how to do it.

Natural fertilizer for plants

Growing any plant in a healthy and balanced way always requires a lot of perseverance and attention. For example, did you know that you can make an amazing natural fertilizer for plants with just one ingredient? You all have it at home. You will make your neighbors jealous with this trick. Not to be believed: let’s find out more.

Natural fertilizer for plants: all the details

Not everyone has a green thumb, for this reason, it is necessary to take advantage of some tricks to grow our plants in a healthy way and without spending excessive amounts. It does not matter if it is a small green space or a vegetable garden, it is important to give the right amount of fertilizers.

They are fundamental, because they guarantee a good flowering and durability of the plant. As you know, there are many types of fertilizers on the market. However, they can be very harmful to the environment and also to human health, since they contain several chemicals.

Precisely for this reason, it would be better to use natural fertilizers, in fact, we can take advantage of the common ingredients we have at home. One in particular could be of great help to us. We are talking about coffee grounds: let’s find out how to use them, the process is super easy.

Coffee grounds

The procedure

Usually, coffee grounds are thrown in the trash. But not everyone knows that they are an excellent natural fertilizer for plants, in fact, it is a real shame to throw them away.

It’s time to finally say goodbye to waste, because this simple ingredient contains a good amount of nitrogencalciummagnesium and antioxidants that can perfectly nourish the soil. In addition, they also work as a repellent against different pests.

The procedure is very simple, in fact, it will only take two minutes. First, take a one-and-a-half-liter plastic bottle and fill it with a liter of water. Next, with the help of a funnel, pour about 4 tablespoons of coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds on the hand

Add more water if the coffee has not fallen perfectly inside the bottle. Finally, shake to mix the mixture and wait two days before using it in your plants. In this way, you will nourish the soil with this simple procedure.

Coffee grounds are a very inexpensive natural fertilizer. It is an element that contains many properties, for this reason, it is an excellent ally for plant growth.

However, it should be noted that not all vegetables can be fertilized with coffee grounds, such as: broccoli, radishes, tomatoes and sunflowers. The reason? It is an ingredient that disproportionately increases the pH of the soil.