From a simple blueberry you can grow a real plant of these blue fruits: follow these steps (recycling a plastic bottle) to be amazed at your green thumb.


Did you know that? If you want a small blueberry plant , just save a blueberry from the ones you have in the refrigerator or fruit bowl. In fact, to grow a blueberry plant , you can start from one of these small fruits, crushing it well and using a recycled plastic bottle to create a greenhouse effect useful for the rapid growth of the stem.

So follow these steps if you want to grow a blueberry plant: they are simple but really effective rules .


  • blueberry
  • jar
  • Some soil
  • A plastic bottle to recycle
  • Scissors


  1. Fill the pot with soil.
  2. Crush the blueberry between your fingers and place it on the soil.
  3. Cover with more soil.
  4. Spray a little water to moisten the soil.
  5. Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle .
  6. Place the bottle in the center of the soil, pressing a little. This way you will have a small greenhouse to guarantee the right humidity for the blueberry.
  7. Keep the soil moist.
  8. After a while, the first leaves will appear and you can transfer the plant to a larger pot.