Keep mosquitoes away throughout the summer by using this aromatic herb: it is very fragrant and solves the mosquito problem.

Anti-mosquito plants

Here we are, like every year, devising the best ways to avoid the usual invasion of mosquitoes . Their feared return is now imminent, and it is best to start taking the necessary precautions. Mosquitoes are certainly the most hated insects in the world: they are not only annoying for their nocturnal buzzing, but above all for their itchy bites . In no time at all we find entire parts of our body full of these red bubbles that itch unbearably. At least two or three days must pass before healing.

We can use anti-mosquito sprays, post-bite ointments, insecticides; the problem is that as soon as the effect wears off the mosquitoes attack again. These are products that must be reapplied and it is not allowed to be distracted: five minutes are enough and we get full of bites again. We can therefore say that the best way to defend ourselves from mosquito bites in our home is to avoid and prevent their appearance within the home. The best way to do this is to use the power of this fragrant aromatic herb . Here’s which one.

Mosquitoes arriving

Goodbye mosquitoes: Luisa grass will take care of it

If we want to spend a more peaceful summer without having to face the torment of mosquitoes , this is the right way. Let’s throw away all the nauseating-smelling insecticides and toxic products that pollute the air we breathe, they are of no use if we plant Luisa grass at home . Luisa herb is an aromatic plant with a strong and delicious scent. A smell that has the power to keep them as far away as possible. In fact, mosquitoes do not appreciate this plant at all: the smell is a real natural mosquito repellent.

So what good are all the chemical and toxic insecticides when we can achieve the same effect with a scented plant? Absolutely nothing. The advantage will be a significant economic saving and the total cancellation of toxic emissions in the environment and in the air we breathe. It is a totally natural and organic solution. Let’s delve into the power of the Luisa herb together.

Luisa grass

Luisa grass: all the properties of this natural repellent

Luisa herb is an aromatic plant from Latin America. It owes its name to Luisa, the wife of the King of Spain Charles IV. Famous for its extremely aromatic foliage with a citrus scent . Luisa grass should be kept outdoors, therefore on the balcony or on the windowsill. It needs continuous contact with the sun’s rays and lots of water in the spring and summer months.

This aromatic herb is full of good qualities . The first is the enchanting scent of the leaves , similar to that of lemon. You will smell a very fresh fragrance in your home. Furthermore, the leaves of the Luisa herb can also be used in the kitchen: being aromatic herbs, they are excellent for seasoning some dishes such as salads and soups. The most important quality is that of being  a natural mosquito repellent .

For us its scent is delicious, but for mosquitoes it is unbearable. If we keep this plant in the places most subject to their entry into the house we can definitively say goodbye to mosquitoes. The best places are balconies and window sills.