Here’s how to make your skin white and wrinkle-free with this face cream that contains only 3 ingredients.

Face cream

We reveal how to prepare an incredible cream , which we are sure will make your skin truly magnificent.

Dull and wrinkled face, how to fight it

As the years pass, we can’t help but notice that our face is dull and no longer as it was before. Sometimes, due to hormonal changes, the skin appears different than usual and even compromised.

Over time, we can’t help but accept that our skin will age. Fortunately, however, there are ways to counteract the onset of wrinkles.

Dull and wrinkled face

The first method is to carry out exercises and massages , which can keep our skin elastic. And then we must absolutely avoid excessive exposure to the sun: remember to always apply a face cream, which allows us to protect our face from UV rays as much as possible.

Furthermore, we must avoid applying chemical products, which can damage our skin rather than nourish it. And then we shouldn’t touch our skin too much, to avoid carrying germs from our nails and hands. Doing sport and following a balanced diet can also help us keep the skin on our face young and wrinkle-free.

But there is a secret that very few know and which is truly a godsend: it is a cream that we can create directly at home and which helps us keep the skin on your face healthy.

It is a cream composed solely of natural ingredients, which can only be good for our face. Below we show you all the ingredients and above all we explain how to prepare it. This is a real piece of cake. We are sure that once you learn how to prepare it , you will always do it and it will help you a lot.

Face cream, how to prepare it

If you don’t know how to prepare a face cream , today we provide you with a recipe that we are sure will drive you crazy. All you have to do is combine a spoonful of rice with some water.

Then add a spoonful of oats and half a glass of milk . Bring everything to the boil, then let it cool and filter. Now you can apply this wonderful cream on your skin.

Face cream

You should know that it will give your face great shine and firm it. If you want to amplify its power, you can also add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and sweet almond oil or olive oil.

You can also apply this cream in the evening before going to sleep and leave it on all night. In the morning you can proceed with rinsing. No one would expect this homemade cream to have these effects, yet it does: it will make your skin really soft and smooth.

You will notice it is much more velvety and there will seem to be fewer wrinkles. You can also apply it every day.