Thanks to these ingredients our plants can grow healthily and luxuriantly. Here are the ones that are worth their weight in gold.

ingredients for thriving plants

Many people have found a real hobby in the maintenance of their gardens or their plants to keep at home to the point of discovering many tricks to ensure that they grow perfectly.

Unfortunately, not everyone manages to have the time and above all to have the famous green thumb that is needed to have always live plants and fabulous balconies and gardens with wonderful plants and flowers.

Plants: here are the ingredients that are worth their weight in gold for their maintenance

In the collective imagination, having a garden or balcony full of flowers and plants is an indication of elegance, just think that in all royal palaces there are gardens that make your head spin.

These were well cared for and there were, and still are, expert gardeners who tend to make the most of the task of keeping these in as good order as possible so as to have thriving flowers when the right season arrives.

Even in many films, we can see the importance of gardens and plants, such as in Edward Scissorhands , where the protagonist pruned the hedges giving shape to his fantasy or even in Alice in Wonderland , where he stopped inside a flower garden.

Plants: the special ingredients

In many cities in Italy , there are gardens and botanical gardens to visit that contain specimens of plants also coming from abroad and sometimes we are very surprised by the shape and colors of some of these.

But remaining a little more humble, we can recreate a beautiful nursery inside our homes with plants and flowers to place in our homes or on our balconies and we can help ourselves thanks to some ingredients.

Here’s what you need to use

First of all we have to take two eggshells and crush them inside a bowl where we will insert a handful of potato peels and then two chopped banana peels .

Once these ingredients have been combined we will pour a liter of water inside and let the mixture rest for three days until after this time we will take the mixture and strain it with the help of a strainer leaving only the liquid part remaining.

Once this is done, we will take a cup of this solution and pour it directly into the soil of our plants which will tend to absorb all the necessary nutrients coming from these ingredients.

Plants: the special ingredients

Eggshells will provide calcium and therefore tend to strengthen the leaves and roots, potato peels are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 and will help our plants grow healthily.

While banana peels are rich in potassium and will ensure that the flowers of our evergreen friends grow abundantly and bloom giving beautiful and shining colors.

Furthermore, to reduce the humidity of the soil, walnut shells can be placed on top of it. This also helps to keep insects away from our plants as they will not like the smell of the lauric acid contained in them.