Only three ingredients to prepare this excellent homemade fungicide: the plants will thank you with beautiful and healthy flowers.

very powerful fungicide

It often happens that house plants can have fungi and parasites on the leaves. Experts agree that each plant is different, as is the treatment they should have. In general, you can rely on completely natural ingredients: a fertilizer with three commonly used ingredients which, combined together, transform into a perfect fungicide.

Fungicide for plants: the powerful natural ingredients

Fertilizers in recent times are prepared only with food waste or directly with fruit and vegetable peels. In fact, natural ingredients possess many properties, but also nutrients that can help the plant get back on its feet.

When plants have been affected by fungi, three powerful natural ingredients come into play which, combined together, become a powerful fungicide to be used immediately. The ingredients are as follows:

  • 1 head of garlic complete with peel
  • 2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
  • 1 glass of milk
  • 1 liter of water
Three ingredients for fungicide

The properties of the three ingredients are particular, in fact they contain a series of nutrients for the plant as well as having the power to counteract the attack of fungi or parasites in general. They form a patina that eliminates their presence until the plant is beautiful, healthy and full of colorful flowers again.

How is fungicide prepared and used?

Preparing the fungicidal substance with natural ingredients is easy:

  • Take the garlic and chop it completely with the peel (125 grams per liter of water)
  • Take the pot with a liter of water and add the garlic
  • Insert the lid and leave to macerate for 24 hours.

Immediately afterwards, add the cinnamon powder and mix gently. The mixture with the two ingredients in the water will have to boil for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Once the mixture has cooled, strain completely into a glass bowl. At this point, pour the glass of milk and mix all three ingredients.

Fungicide for plants

The substance is ready to be used on plants with particular fungi. To do this, simply put the liquid into a spray bottle, so that the mixture of the three ingredients goes directly onto the leaves and stem.

Some nurserymen prefer to pour the mixture onto the earth, watering well so as to nourish and give the plant a set of natural ingredients that help it defeat the fungus. When to use it every? Always, as soon as the plant is attacked by a fungus or bacterium.

To be on the safe side, always contact an expert nurseryman who will be able to confirm whether or not a particular plant needs direct intervention with other ingredients. It should be noted that garlic, cinnamon and milk are not harmful to plants and are rich in properties .