Those who have a garden full of trees usually place plastic bottles on them. For what purpose? This is exactly what we will let you discover in this article. Here are all the details about it.

hanging plastic bottle
hanging plastic bottle –

Many people dream of being able to have a space outside their home, where they can grow vegetables or plant some fruit trees . This can be done both in the presence of land and by growing potted plants on the balcony or terrace.

To best take care of the vegetable garden or planted trees, you will need to follow a whole series of specific steps . Some trees, for example, will require the presence of the sun for several hours during the day and will be “threatened” by temperatures below or above a certain range.

Lemon plants , for example, need lots of sun and to be watered often. It will be important, however, never to overdo it with watering, so as not to compromise the health of the roots. A soil that can drain water as best as possible, therefore, will be necessary.

All plants, then, will need the right fertilizer, so that they can receive all the nutrients they need.

In this article, however, we want to inform our readers about a truly brilliant trick to protect fruit trees from some threats. What will the plastic bottles be used for ? Let’s find out everything in detail. Here is all the information about it.

Hang plastic bottles on trees – that’s what this move will do

Our fruit trees will always be threatened by some natural elements. We refer, for example, to insects . In some cases, therefore, it will be possible to place some natural traps on the branches to kill pest insects, which could threaten the health of trees and plants.

Lemon plant

Plastic bottles could be very important in this regard. Inside them you can enter a sugar solution capable of trapping insects and parasites that threaten the correct growth of your trees. Simply choose the right place to hang the bottles and you will see concrete results very soon.

In this article, however, we do not want to mention a solution to solve the presence of unwanted guests on the branches or leaves of your plants. Instead, we want to talk about another incredible function of plastic bottles hanging from trees .

For what other purpose do many people hang one or more plastic bottles on trees? Let’s discover the ingenious trick to defend these natural elements from another specific attack at certain times of the year . Here’s everything you need to know.

The trick that will save your fruit trees

When talking about lemon plants, we mentioned how they prefer to grow only in certain environments and climatic conditions. In fact, they love the mild and temperate climate and suffer from temperatures that are too low . This is as true for lemon trees as it is for any other citrus tree. What purpose will plastic bottles serve in this sense? Here’s the sensational discovery we’ll let you make.

Plastic bottles

The spring and summer period is, without a doubt, the one preferred by lemon and citrus trees. Temperatures become warm during the day and bearable in the evening and at night. In winter , on the other hand, these plants could suffer from low temperatures and , in the most serious cases, from frosts .

The advice is to plant citrus fruits in areas where the climate is quite sustainable, in this sense, even in the winter months. Even in temperate areas, however, it can happen that you come across a sharp drop in temperatures on winter nights . The risk, therefore, is that these extreme conditions could be detrimental to citrus plants.

Hanging plastic bottles on the branches of these trees, with a lot of water inside, could minimize this risk. In fact, water best absorbs the sun’s heat during the day and releases it effectively at night . This humidity will save your plants even in the event of night frosts or other unpredictable and extreme events.

Another piece of advice we can give will be to protect your plants on freezing winter nights with sheets . The important thing will be to create strategies to avoid problems for citrus plants. They will be able to overcome these difficult moments and return to perfect health with the arrival of the spring months.