How to create an organic fertilizer directly at your home, to revive your plants. We are sure you don’t know this recipe.

Fertilizer in hand

Here we reveal how to make your plants flourish and how to care for their roots with an organic fertilizer that we are sure you have never used.

Dead plants, what happens

How many times have we happened to take care of our plants and discover that it was not enough. The plants, in fact, are dead. But what are the causes of this? There can be many reasons.

The first is because we have not cared for these vegetables enough . In fact, we must dedicate a lot of care to the plants and adapt this care to the plant we are dealing with.

It is essential to water them in the right way and at the right times and also position the plants in the most suitable place for their growth. Not everyone knows that, for example, plants all require a particular positioning in the home or garden. Some tolerate sunlight and heat very little, while others really need it.

Some cannot tolerate wind, while others must be kept in a constantly ventilated environment. You must, therefore, read up on your plants to understand what the best solution is for them and for you. It is also very important to use an organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer

When we talk about organic fertilizer , in particular, we are referring to substances that are capable of stimulating the growth of our plant. There are numerous fertilizers on the market, including chemical ones, which may not be ideal for your shrub.

Today, however, we will explain how to make one directly at home, using substances that we are sure you never thought could be used as fertilizers. Below we will reveal what they are and how to use them, you will never believe it.

The best organic fertilizer

Sometimes the only way to  revive our plants is to use fertilizer. Precisely for this reason today we show you a recipe that uses organic fertilizer. It is a substance that we can make directly at home.

All we have to do is use an ingredient that we probably already have: brewer’s yeast. This substance is rich in vitamin B and thiamine, which are excellent for making our plant and flowers grow in the best way.

Brewer's yeast

This substance also stimulates the growth of roots , which will allow the plant to absorb a greater quantity of nutrients. This will activate growth and then flowering.

To prepare this fertilizer, all you have to do is get a liter of water and just a teaspoon of brewer’s yeast . Mix the two substances together and now use what you obtain to water.

You can repeat the procedure every 15 days , in order to nourish the plant and at the same time give it a rest period. We recommend using this organic fertilizer on both flowerless and flowered plants.