This is the technique to use to eradicate rose branches, without even spending a single euro: to try immediately.

Rose stalks

Uprooting the branches of roses when necessary, translates with a gesture of love towards the plant. There are factors that can lead to problems of various kinds, so as to eliminate the whole plant. In fact, professional nurserymen are ready to give some indication on how to do the best, always in full respect of the plant and the environment.

How to uproot rose branches professionally?

There are many different types of roses, linked by a single factor or the need to be treated at best. A delicate and elegant plant, which requires attention, nourishment and continuous hydration. According to surveys, this is the most sought after plant by all flower enthusiasts.

When a plant is compromised, the roots must be uprooted in order to make them grow again in a healthy way. It is not easy, so it is always good to contact an expert in the field directly. In general, you can act in different ways. There are those who decide to cut – with a sanitized scissors – the compromised part, and then store it inside a plastic container (also bottle) with lid and nourishment for a certain period of time. This method helps to regrow the roots and the plant itself.

It is good to know, however, that there are 20,000 different types of roses in the world with three main categories: bush, shrubby habit and miniature.

Caring for roses

If they are bush roses, pruning must be done with the thinning method by eliminating excess branches. If they are shrubby roses, the technique is the topping, eliminating the upper part of the plant. For miniature ones, a surface method is applied to eliminate dry branches and compromised roots.

When pruning is indicated and how to do it

It is also important to pay attention to the age of the plant. A fundamental factor, considering that according to this the nurserymen apply a method. Pruning or restoration will have to be done a year after their arrival, to give the plant time to acclimatize. Not only that, you could also have wrong type of soil and nourishment leading the plant to ask for help.

uproot rose branches

If you use an expert, he will check the shape of the roots and the state of the plant. To have a healthy plant it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning actions during the year. This operation is non-invasive, it only requires to eliminate all the dry and weak parts so as not to find yourself from one day to the next with compromised roots.

Always remember that every operation must be carried out with capacity, because the plant could be affected.