Do you know the method to eradicate weeds from the vegetable garden and the garden? This is the natural way to solve the annoying inconvenience of weeds that ruin our green spaces.

Method for weeding out weeds

If you are looking for a solution to eradicate garden weeds in a completely natural way , then read on. Right here you will discover the method to permanently get rid of annoying weeds without using chemical herbicides.

How to get rid of weeds without chemical herbicides

Whether you have a small or large vegetable patch or garden , it doesn’t matter: you will find yourself having to eradicate weeds several times a year , especially if you dedicate yourself to the cultivation of orchards.


You will surely have often used herbicides or herbicides to solve this very annoying problem, perhaps unaware that these products are chemical and sometimes toxic not only for the environment but also for those who use them.

We know how annoying weeds can be but above all we know how tiring it is to eradicate them. Often they end up, metaphorically, by burying the trunks of our orchards or the crops of our garden.

Did you know that there are natural alternatives to commercial herbicides that endanger not only the environment and plants but also ourselves and pets? In particular, to make a super effective one, you will have to follow a few simple steps that we guarantee can be performed by everyone, even the less experienced.

In this way, you will solve the problem of weeds in a very short time . Continue reading to discover the method for eradicating weeds from the vegetable garden and garden naturally.

If up to now you have only and exclusively tried chemical herbicides , of those available on the market, continue reading. In this contribution we will help you create a homemade herbicide that will solve the problem of weeds in a completely natural way .

The method for eradicating weeds naturally

You will have to follow a few simple steps to obtain a product that we are sure will be very useful to you. Did you know that to make your own natural weed killer you will only need two ingredients ? You will be truly surprised at how extremely simple it will be for you to make this herbicide.

First, get an empty plastic bottle and a rather large bucket and let’s immediately start making our homemade weed killer. Fill the bucket with 3 liters of water and pour in 1 kg of salt , the kind you use in cooking.

With a spoon mix the solution. Then take a 2 liter bottle , equipped with a cap that you will drill appropriately, and with the help of a funnel pour the liquid that you have kept in the bucket until now into the bottle: you will notice that the salt will now have completely dissolved . Done. Your homemade herbicide is ready .

Water and salt, the method for eradicating weeds

In fact, you should know that salt is a natural herbicide . It will be able to kill all weeds . Once this product has been made, all you have to do is spray it on your plants, the ones to be uprooted , and wait a few minutes: you will see how they will slowly begin to wither. Eradicating them will then become extremely simple.

The salt basically burns them , also preventing the growth of new ones. We’ll reveal a little historical gem to you. Salt was also used in the period of the imperial conquests by the barbarian peoples, who destroyed the soils of the conquered peoples by spreading the salt on the land which prevented the growth of plants.

This system is 100% effective . Even the most experienced green thumbs have tried this method and tested its reliability. Try this product too and you will be able to definitively say goodbye to toxic and chemical herbicides that are bad not only for the environment but also for you.

Other natural solutions to get rid of weeds

Instead, prefer natural products like those you can make at home with very economical ingredients. Did you know that there are also other solutions to get rid of weeds?

Other weed remedies

We always talk about natural remedies . We’ll list some of them for you. Boiling water , for example, is a powerful herbicide. Easy to use, it solves the weed problem in a short time.

Simply bring it to a boil and then pour it over your weeds . Be careful not to throw the boiling liquid on nearby plants, the healthy ones, because it will end up killing them, but pour your boiling water only on the weeds you want to get rid of. Water is the least harmful herbicide for the environment and people .

Vinegar is also an excellent natural herbicide capable of destroying unwanted weeds. But be careful: acetic acid , as useful as it is, is not able to act on the roots .

This remedy works especially for younger plants that can be uprooted more easily. If you want to make this natural herbicide anyway , you will simply have to add a liter and a half of vinegar, a spoonful of dishwashing detergent and the juice of a lemon. Then spray the solution on weeds on a sunny day: this way you will certainly have a more effective result.