With this method you will be able to plant new lemons from leaf cuttings. You just have to follow our steps.

propagate lemons from cuttings

Lemon is a tree native to India. It is an evergreen plant that is scientifically called Citrus limon. This plant, unlike other citrus fruits, manages to produce flowers and fruits several times during a year. He then donates different crops to taste lemons at different times.

Usually the lemon has an elliptical shape and is yellow in color. It has a tip also called umbone and is used a lot in the kitchen and beyond. From a simple salad to other preparations. The peel of the lemon, on the other hand, is very thick and rich in glands that contain very fragrant oils.

Lemon plant

Having a lemon in your garden is definitely a value and now we want to show you how you can grow new lemons from cuttings of sheetsand. Below, in the next paragraph, we will see how to make a plant only from a branch. A very popular method of multiplication.

New lemons from leaf cuttings: here’s how

As we said we are going to see how to make a lemon plant only from a cutting of leaves. Cutting is a widely used and very safe method of multiplication. Unlike sowing, it shortens the time. In fact, planting seeds is a longer operation and sometimes even ineffective.

Planting cuttings instead means having a plant equal to the mother plant from which the cutting branch was taken. First you need to get a lemon branch and do it around March, that is, in the period of pruning this citrus plant. The branch must still be green and about 20 centimeters long.

Lemons from cuttings

Then make sure if it has more gems and before cutting it disinfect well the knife with which you will make the cut. The latter must be slightly inclined. Now take a plastic bottle and cut about 12 centimeters from the bottom and fill it with water. Then take a clove of garlic and disinfect the place of the cutting of the cutting before placing it in water.

It will have to stay in the water for at least two months and you will see that small roots will form. Now it changes water and leaves the cutting like this for another two months. You will see that new leaves with a vibrant color will also begin to appear. After about 4 or 5 months then we can proceed to plant the lemon in a pot.

Planting a cutting of lemons

Take a pot with damp soil and make a fairly large hole in the center where you are going to place the cutting with its roots. With time the plant will continue to grow and slowly you will see the plant become bigger and bigger. But be careful to have the right attention for her.

Try to keep it correctly for the first periods especially being a small seedling must be treated in the correct way and for this reason below we will give you some tips. We also remind you to change pots when the plant starts to grow too much, usually the change takes place after about a year.

How to cure a lemon

Among the things to pay attention to for the first years of life certainly irrigation and mulching. There must be a lot of water. In fact, the need for lemon water is high. It is between 20 and 60 m3. Important then is in the phase of flowering and fruit set. So never leave it without water.


Mulching, on the other hand, is very useful especially in the early years. It consists in protecting the root system from the growth of wild herbs. In fact, these can compete with the plant for water and nutrients and then the lemon could be affected. Then you can put a layer of straw and bark with this natural fertilizer underneath.