Nature is a wonderful thing, which is why we must always respect it and take care of it. In fact, if you intend to take up gardening, you need to be aware of the fact that plants, like us, also need nourishment. Let’s find out together, in this regard, what is the best fertilizer for Epipremnum.

best fertilizer

Everyone has their own passions, and it is right and necessary to carve out some free time to be able to cultivate them. Hobbies , in fact, are a source of relaxation and well-being for everyone, which are precisely the two sensations we need to experience to unplug and recover the energy needed to face daily commitments. One of the most popular and relaxing pastimes is, without a doubt, gardening .

Many people, in fact, love to surround themselves with flowers and plants to take care of, in order to spend their free time in contact with nature and , at the same time, give a more elegant, joyful and refined appearance to their home or garden. To ensure that plants grow healthy, lush and, why not, quickly , a lot of care and dedication is needed, as well as suitable products to make this happen.

The Epipremnum , for example, is a very beautiful plant, with a regular growth process. With the help of a particular fertilizer , however, not only will the plant grow faster, but we will also notice a strong improvement in its health and the appearance of the leaves and branches.

Epipremnum: here is the best fertilizer to use

For plants, fertilizer acts as nourishment , which is why it is necessary to use excellent quality products. In the case of Epipremnum, the best way to make it strong and lush is to use urea , a fertilizer with a high concentration of nitrogen.


To administer this fertilizer to the plant, all we have to do is dissolve a teaspoon of urea (about 6g) in a liter of water and pour part of it – just enough – onto the ground. In this way, the product will act through the roots which, in turn, will nourish the plant making it grow quickly.

Urea, as previously mentioned, is a fertilizer rich in nitrogen , which is why it can only be given to the plant once a month and in small quantities.

An alternative method of using urea

In addition to being poured directly onto the soil, the water and urea solution can also be used on the leaves of the Epipremnum, so that they absorb it directly. To proceed with this method we can use the remaining part of the compost with which we watered the plant and pour it into a spray container.

Give fertilizer

After that, all we have to do is spray the solution of water and urea on the leaves, and see how the Epipremnum grows faster thanks to the use of this fertilizer.

Remembering not to exaggerate the use of urea is very important, because the high concentration of nitrogen contained in it, over time, can even cause damage to the plant.