Anthurium can present small problems that prevent the plant from blooming as it should: here’s how to solve them.


Anthurium is a plant widespread throughout the world, loved by everyone. It is very easy to grow, but it is necessary to have some precautions, because it is possible that problems may arise during its development or that it will produce few flowers. To make the Anthurium lush and full of flowers, you’ll have to put into practice a trick that few know: let’s find out how to make it beautiful.

How to grow an Anthurium: all the details

To make Anthurium flower properly, we need to make sure the plant has all the right environmental conditions. Surely, to start you need to use good soil and  water at the right times and frequently. The ambient temperature must always be above 18 degrees.

Obviously, don’t forget to expose it to light and always keep it in a high ambient humidity. In summer, this plant should be kept in front of a window that protects it from direct light , however, in winter it is necessary for it to perceive all the light possible.


During fertilization, phosphorus and potassium must never be lacking. If you take these precautions, your Anthurium will surely flower all year round. But there is a chance that this plant will experience problems during flowering and that only a few flowers will bloom.

Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to put into practice a trick that gardeners also exploit, that is, you must use special and completely natural water: let’s find out what it is.

The water to use

The main reasons why Anthurium does not flower is because it does not get light due to incorrect positioning , or because it does not live in the right environmental conditions. We remind you that fertilization is also very important, in fact, you should water it with specific water that you can create at home in 2 minutes.

We’re talking about beetroot water that you can create at home in two minutes. Very little is enough. First, take this root that you can easily find in the supermarket and cut it into slices. Next, pour the beetroot pieces into a blender with 500 ml of water.


Blend and you will obtain a liquid mixture which you will have to filter through a sieve. Place everything in a glass jar so that if there is any leftovers it will be kept properly. Now, all you have to do is water your Anthurium with this water you have made.

In a short time you will notice an absurd change. Obviously, to make this simple trick work, remember to have all the precautions that we explained previously. Beetroot has various properties, it is  remineralising and restorative, therefore excellent for the well-being of the plant.