This is the advice of nurserymen to make potted rosemary last. With this technique your plant will survive for over 10 years. Here’s what you need to do.

Tips for making potted rosemary last

If you want your rosemary plant to live as long as possible, you must try this system. With the advice of nurserymen the result is guaranteed : this way your plant will grow in a pot for over 10 years.

Rosemary, properties and characteristics of this aromatic plant

Rosemary is an aromatic plant that grows well in Mediterranean areas, especially in Italy and Spain. Known since ancient times, it was used in traditional medicine due to its medical properties which continue to be attributed to it today.

Rosemary plant

Consider that the Arabs used this plant to eliminate parasites from their crops , while in the Renaissance, the Queen of Hungary ordered the creation of perfumes based on water and rosemary , to regenerate the skin. In French hospitals, however, rosemary was burned to fight epidemics.

Even today , rosemary is used, not only in the kitchen for the creation of tasty dishes, but also for its incredible properties . Rosemary, for example, has effects:

  • antioxidants;
  • bacteriostatic;
  • digestive;
  • astringents;
  • expectorants;
  • carminatives.

Rosemary grows very well in pots . You can therefore also grow it at home, on your balcony or terrace. However, what many people complain about is that this plant unfortunately dries up very quickly . If you want to solve this problem, continue reading. Today we reveal the advice of nurserymen to ensure that your rosemary remains perfect for over 10 years.

The advice of nurserymen to make rosemary last longer in pots

If you’ve tried every possible way to make your rosemary plant last for a long time but without success, read on. Today you will discover how, through pot cultivation and some natural methods, this aromatic plant can survive for up to 10 years.

The advice we provide below is that of some expert nurserymen . You can therefore trust, the results are guaranteed. The first thing you need to know is this: The rosemary plant needs light.

As it is a Mediterranean species , you will need to place it in a sunny area . This way it will grow healthy and strong. Perfect is the location on a windowsill or on the veranda.

If it is true that it needs light to feel good, it is equally true that the rosemary plant does not need too much water . It is not afraid of heat or drought. What it doesn’t like is humidity and too much watering . Before watering your plant, check that  the soil  in the pot is dry.

How to care for potted rosemary

If not, you don’t have to water it. Remember that watering the rosemary plant must be little and frequent . If you water it excessively, its green and fragrant leaves will end up turning brown while its roots will rot. Also, remember that stagnant water is dangerous: it kills the plant. Make sure this doesn’t happen.

To ensure a long life for your rosemary plant you must also choose the right soil to use in the pot. Know that rosemary needs sandy, drained and calcareous soil. However, never use clayey soil .

Another tip: always protect your plant from the cold . Too low temperatures, humid and windy climates are not good for rosemary, especially if it is less than 3 years old. In winter, it would be better to move the plant indoors or shelter it adequately from frost.

Also pay attention to repotting and pruning ! If you have just bought the plant or if it has already grown, you must proceed with repotting which takes place in autumn or spring. Choose a terracotta pot and fill it with drained, calcareous soil . Proceed with repotting every 3 years.

As for pruning , you must proceed to cut the weakest branches after flowering. Finally, make sure you protect your plant from insects . Above all, leaf beetles are the most dangerous. Use a natural insecticide based on water and baking soda to eliminate them. With these tips from expert nurserymen, your rosemary will live for 10 years and even more!