Anthurium super flowery? Then start growing it in water! If you want it lush for years, follow these tips.

Anthurium super flowering with cultivation in water

Is your Anthurium struggling to bloom? You then have to start cultivating it in a different way. To have many flowers, put it in the water! Here is the technique that you surely do not know.

How to have a super flowery Anthurium

Anthurium is a beautiful plant that also adapts to apartment life on one condition: that it receives the right care and attention.


Although it is a type of plant that does not require much work on the part of those who buy it, it must still be taken care of to prevent it from fading or withering in a short time.

If you are also experiencing a rather common problem, namely that your Anthurium does not bloom, continue reading this article. Today we will reveal the ideal solution to make your plant bloom all year round. Do you know the water technique? Only very few people know what we are talking about.

If you follow these tips you will have a super flowering Anthurium for over 12 months. Here are all the recommendations to take care of this beautiful plant that struggles to bloom.

The technique of cultivation in water

A beautiful and apparently simple plant to manage, which also adapts to apartment life, is the Anthurium.

Surely, it attracts attention for its leaves with a particular shape and bright colors. You will realize on your own that your Anthurium is suffering if the same red and green leaves begin to show a yellow patina.

What is happening to your Anthurium in this case? No doubt it will be withering and certainly will not be able to reach the state of flowering. How to solve this problem? And above all, how to make sure you have a super flowery Anthurium? We find out today.

Do you know the technique of cultivation in water? It is precisely this that will save your beautiful plant. To put this method into practice you will have to clean the roots of your Anthurium well, also removing any dry leaves near the stem.

After doing this step, you need to get yourself a sponge – the kind you usually find easily from florists – and with the help of a scissors you drill it right in the center, creating a hole large enough to hold the roots of your Anthurium.

Then place this sponge with the roots of your plant inside in a transparent pot that you will fill with water until the sponge is completely covered with the rootsPlace your plant in a dry and bright place but not in direct contact with the sun’s rays and water it properly.

After three months you will see something incredible: your Anthurium will be super flowery and the extraordinary and incredible spectacle of flowering will keep you company for a whole year! This is the particular technique also used by florists to ensure long life to the Anthurium. The plant in question is particular although it does not require specific care.

Cultivation in water for a super flowering Anthurium

There are some tips we can give you to help you take care of your Anthurium in the best possible way. The first tip you absolutely need to treasure concerns irrigation. Unlike many other indoor plants, Anthurium needs to be watered moderately, roughly two or three times a week.

Remember that excessive watering will only end up damaging the roots and leaves that will immediately turn yellow and dry. The same goes if you forget to water them instead: in this case the leaves will become a discolored green and very weak.

If you forgot to water your Anthurium for a few days, you can remedy it this way: put the roots of your plant to soak in water at room temperature for an hour. You will see that the plant will recover.

As for fertilization, we suggest you do not use any artificial or chemical products. Anthurium can survive perfectly if you water it properly. Prefer a shady environment for at least two weeks from the moment you put the roots in water.

After this time, move your plant to a bright area but not in direct contact with the sun. If you believe it needs to be fertilized, we recommend using manure, a natural ingredient that will provide your plant with all the nutrients it needs to live a long time.

With these simple tips you will surely be able to guarantee long life to your Anthurium. If you then experiment with the technique of cultivation in water, we guarantee that your Anthurium will be super flowery. It is enough just to pay attention to the needs of this plant that even if it is simple to care for, still needs many precautions.