With this simple method it is possible to thoroughly clean and sanitize strawberries: worms and insects will no longer be a problem.

Strawberries full of germs

The spring season has finally arrived, albeit with some hesitation. The month of April had several ups and downs in terms of weather, but for a few days the temperatures have become more pleasant and the sun has begun to peek out in all areas of Italy. With the arrival of spring, the real one, many also go in search of seasonal fruit : in particular they go hunting for strawberries , which are starting to take the place of purely autumn and winter fruits such as apples and pears. However, those who love this fruit must be careful when preparing to eat this tasty fruit.

Cleaning strawberries, the quick and easy method: here’s how to do it

Strawberries, in fact, can be full of insects , so you must first wash them well to avoid any risks. The solution that immediately comes to mind is to rely on classic disinfectants that can easily be found in shops, but the advice is always to adopt natural methods to best sanitize strawberries. One of these methods allows you to clean them perfectly and leave no trace of insects.


The first thing to do is get a baking dish and fill it with water , adding some coarse salt to dissolve in the water. Once this operation is completed, add a little white vinegar to the solution . The right quantity depends on the number of strawberries to be washed: the more there are, the more white vinegar must be added. The next step consists in starting to take some strawberries and placing them in the baking dish with the water mixed with coarse salt and white vinegar. They must then soak for about ten minutes.

After this period of time, proceed with rinsing the strawberries, using the solution contained in the baking dish. Just pay attention and after a few minutes you will notice the presence of some white , microscopic worms. This is not a surprising aspect, given that strawberries are one of the ‘dirtiest’ fruits: for this reason they must be sanitized well. By carefully washing the strawberries with this method we will notice how the solution will soon take on a darker color : this happens because we are cleaning them from worms and all the various insects.

For complete cleaning it is better to remove the stem

Once this is done, let’s go and get another metal container , filling it with water. We move the strawberries into this container, obviously leaving the dirty water in the dish. If we have rinsed the fruits well, the dirty water will be full of insects and worms which will no longer represent a problem for the strawberries and (above all) for our body.

Wash the strawberries

The last ‘step’ to ensure you remove all the dirt is to remove the stem from each fruit. The stem, in fact, is one of the parts where insects are most concentrated and even careful washing may not eliminate them completely. Strawberries can be eaten immediately or used in cakes,  desserts or cocktails.