An ingredient that we usually throw away is useful for the plants we have at home or in the garden. Here’s how to use it.

ingredient for plants

In our homes, to beautify our rooms, we use some plants of different nature as furnishing accessories which help us to have a graceful and beautiful home to look at.

Many of these plants are useful not only for their aesthetic function but also to prevent mold from forming on the walls, due to condensation that can arise from humidity.

Plants: here’s what we can use instead of throwing it away

In fact, some of these evergreen friends tend to absorb all the excess humidity and retain it so that there is an ever-present exchange of air also thanks to their photosynthesis.

Like every plant and tree, thanks to this method, there is an exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen which can prove to be truly healthy for the human organism and therefore the air in which the plants are present will always be genuine.

But these plants can also be found outside, especially on our balconies and in the gardens and we must be very careful with their maintenance because bad weather could damage them.

Plants outside our homes are useful for the ecosystem , as insects can perch on their flowers and draw the necessary nectar to then proceed with pollination .

Plants: here's the secret ingredient

This is very important, because the planet is becoming increasingly greener and healthier thanks to the help of pollinating insects and having a garden full of flowers and plants does nothing but help these little friends of ours.

In recent times, man is increasingly being pushed to raise awareness of the issue of eco-sustainability and safeguarding the planet after actions have been carried out for years that have jeopardized its health.

For this reason, in many Italian municipalities it was decided to enrich the flowerbeds with flowers and plants, to the point of helping insects to proliferate and continue their pollinating action, which is also very useful for us humans.

The unthinkable ingredient

However much we can do for the environment, it always seems that it is never enough and for this reason we look for ways to ensure that plants and flowers are always thriving but not everyone knows some secrets.

There is an ingredient that we usually throw away which is instead very useful if inserted into the soil of our plants. We are talking about eggshells which, combined with other waste, can become an excellent fertilizer.

First you need to put the egg shells inside the container of a mixer together with some banana peels and coffee grounds and pour in a little water to soften everything.

Plants: here's the secret ingredient

Subsequently, we proceed with the maturation of all the ingredients and we will obtain a mixture that must be inserted into the soil of the plant, being careful to keep the mixture away from the roots.

By digging, this mixture must be introduced into a furrow in the ground and then covered with more soil and a little water to ensure that everything is well absorbed.

This will help keep non-pollinating insects away and the properties of the banana peel and eggshell will help grow strong, lush flowers and plants that will stand the test of time.