Stick nails in a banana: what happens in just 10 minutes is truly amazing. You too must try this innovative technique that will change your life.

Stick nails in a banana - this is what happens

Stick nails in a banana and see what happens . Many people are trying this technique. Without a doubt, if you test it too, you’ll never go back.

Stick nails in a banana and find out what happens

More and more people are trying this technique: driving nails into a banana (even better if in the peel) . Why would you even try to do this? We’ll explain it to you immediately.

As you can well understand, this is a procedure that will be useful for fertilizing plants . If you are a beginner or even an expert, you will undoubtedly know that in order to survive as long as possible, your plants need not only care but also the right nutrients.

Healthy plants

Unfortunately, sometimes we are forced to resort to chemical or artificial fertilizers to ensure the survival of our little green jewels. And if we told you that with this trick you can revive your plants , would you believe it? Here’s how you need to proceed. We are sure that this technique will become of paramount importance to you.

The innovative technique that will give new life to your plants

Taking care of a plant isn’t easy. No matter how carefully you water it or expose it to a favorable environment, if it doesn’t have the right nutrients it will never be able to survive.

How to make your plant live as long as possible? Obviously not only will you have to repot it when necessary using the appropriate soil but you will have to make sure you feed it in the most appropriate way.

Our advice is not to resort to the use of chemical and artificial fertilizers if it is really not necessary . There are in fact many natural solutions that can help you achieve the same goal and that is the rebirth of your plant .

For example, do you know what happens if you try to put nails in a banana ? What happens in 10 minutes will leave you speechless. The technique we are about to explain to you is mainly used by expert green thumbs.

It’s about creating a DIY fertilizer that will bring new life back to your plants. The first thing you need to do is get a banana and stick lots of small nails on it .

After doing this step, leave your fruit aside for a few days: you will see that the iron inside will start to rust , releasing all its best substances into the peel which will enrich the soil of your plant .

What will you have to do now? Simply remove the nails from the banana and place the banana peels, which you have carefully cut into small pieces, inside your pot, covering them with a little soil.

Then wet the soil abundantly and wait for the result: you will see that the banana peels will begin to decompose and your plant will be reborn. Did you know this trick? It’s truly incredible.

Banana peels as a natural fertilizer

Always with banana peels you can also make another fertilizer . For this recipe, get some peels and chop them after having dried them for a few days . You will get a powder. Then pour this powder into the soil and use it once every 15 days. The results will be amazing.

Not only the fruit but also the banana peels are rich in potassium and phosphorus , all nutrients necessary to ensure the survival and in some cases even the rebirth of your plants.

But there are also other tricks that can help you achieve the same result. For example, next time don’t throw away the coffee grounds but keep them because they are also an excellent fertilizer.

You must know that coffee has many important substances such as magnesium, calcium and potassium . It is also rich in mineral salts. Making a natural fertilizer with coffee grounds is very simple.

What do you have to do? You just need to sprinkle the powder inside the vase after keeping it in water for about three days. Filter the liquid and pour it into a nebulizer or a glass and water your plant like this : you will see what great results!

With these systems you can forget about chemical and non-natural fertilizers . Drive nails into a banana or sprinkle coffee powder on plants. In short, start using what nature puts at your disposal . In this way you will not only do good for the environment but also for your plants which will be reborn naturally.