Did you know that it is enough to spread a product on cucumbers to be able to harvest them even until the autumn season arrives? Let’s find out which product it is and how to use it!

Cucumber fertilizer

Providing the right care to the products of the garden is essential to be able to grow them lush and tasty and even prolong their production. This is the case of cucumbers, a beloved fruit because it detoxifies and purifying, and very common in the summer season.

How to get yummy, tasty cucumbers and harvest them even when summer ends, so in autumn? It is enough to provide them with the right substances to better nourish these plants and what better remedy than to use something that is natural and also allows you to keep away diseases and harmful insects?

That’s right, you don’t have to use chemicals on your vegetable garden, and you’ll get exquisite and organic cucumbers thanks to soda, which acts on plants as fertilizer. Using the common baking soda that you surely keep at home you can give impetus to the cultivation of cucumbers and produce tasty fruits until autumn, let’s find out how to do it!


Soda brings many benefits to cucumbers

If used correctly, baking soda acts on cucumber plants attacked by pests and drives them away thanks to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Soda is an inexpensive substance, which is present in all homes in the form of baking soda, so it is usually found in the kitchen.

Its properties are incredible, first of all that of having a positive effect on the development of plants and therefore also of cucumbers.

Putting baking soda in your garden will also get other benefits, such as fertilizing plants, improving the flavor of fruits, keeping insect pests away, protecting them from disease and preventing yellowing of foliage.

Baking soda

Abundant and longer lasting harvest with baking soda

A further benefit that baking soda ensures to cucumbers is an increase in yields and also their extension beyond the summer season. In fact, this natural ingredient acts on plants protecting them and making crops more abundant.

Indicated to strengthen the immunity of plants, it helps them to develop the formation of flowers and makes the fruits better even in taste. The reason is due to the fact that the substance eliminates fungal spores from the surface of the fruit.

It is important to use the baking soda solution when the plants are not sick to be more effective and get the results illustrated. However, even if the disease has just begun, the mixture will take effect.

Baking soda mixture for cucumbers

Preparing a soda mixture for growing and prolonging cucumber yields is simple, here’s what you need:

  • 10 liters of warm water;
  • 2 tablespoons of baking soda;
  • 500 grams of laundry soap.

Dilute the two tablespoons of baking soda in warm water, mix carefully and add the laundry soap in the indicated dose. The soap should first be grated into flakes with a manual grater, mixed with a little warm water and then added to the solution of water and baking soda.

The addition of soap is ideal to better defeat the pathogens that have attacked cucumber plants, since it is an alkaline product. In this way the mixture will be more effective and will fix better to the plants.

How to use soda fertilizer

Once you have obtained the solution with baking soda, excellent to use as fertilizer for cucumbers, you just have to pour it into a spray bottle and vaporize it on the plants every two weeks on average.

You will need to vaporize the mixture especially after rain, when due to excessive humidity fungal diseases can easily develop.

Spray the mixture all over the plant, even on the lower part of the foliage, to prevent it from being attacked by aphids and mites. In this way cucumbers will grow lush, abundant and even long!