Here’s what can happen to plants after a few seconds if you water them with sparkling water.

Water the plants

Many have always wondered whether it is possible to use sparkling water to water house plants. The answer in this sense is affirmative . Water in the version with bubbles is an optimal aid, as regards the various home gardening operations. Let’s see why.

The use of sparkling water for people: the benefits

In many Italian families there is the presence of sparkling water, given that many prefer it over the classic one. But this type of water is generally used to quench thirst.

sparkling water

In fact, bubbles have important properties that are very appreciated by the people who choose them every day, such as the fact that they quench thirst, but not only that.

This type of water offers effective digestive functions , an aspect of considerable importance for those individuals who show difficulties in digestion.

This is why those who have problems related to indigestion or a form of heaviness in the stomach prefer to drink water with bubbles . This is considering that it is perfect for this kind of people, thanks also to the carbon dioxide present in sparkling water.

Few, however, are aware of a very important aspect regarding one of the optional functions related to the use of this type of water.

In fact, one of the most valid uses connected to water with bubbles is that associated with gardening. This is because it is precisely the presence of these precious bubbles inside, which can be a valid support when you want to take care of your plants in the best way.

This was established thanks to specific studies, which underlined how sparkling water can be an excellent ally for plants. This is because it allows you to greatly stimulate their growth.

Why is carbonated water beneficial for plants?

The use of sparkling water connected to the irrigation of plants is absolutely feasible. This is based precisely on the studies that have been carried out in this regard which not only fully confirm it, but which are also quite surprising.

Following a study carried out precisely by the University of Colorado in 2002, it was possible to ascertain that water with bubbles is ideal for plants, given that it tends to improve their health conditions in an extremely visible way.


One of the reasons is undoubtedly the following: many nutrients are dissolved within this water which are then assimilated by the roots.

Among these elements we find for example hydrogen, phosphorus and potassium . Some of the most important nutrients to allow plants to grow faster, healthier and with a much brighter shade of green.

This is why it is advisable to start getting into the habit of using sparkling water to water your plants. Although this is still a habit that is not yet widespread, it is a practice that can bring enormous benefits to house plants.

Useful advice: what to do and what not to do

But let’s try to understand in detail how to do it: it is advisable to practice this form of watering at least once a week.


The perfect time is the evening, so that you can regenerate your plants from any heat during the day.

In any case it is essential to remember that the water used must be at room temperature.

To spray impeccably, you need to water around the base of the plant without wetting its leaves. This is because wet leaves are more susceptible to disease. This is why a lot of attention and meticulousness must be shown during this process.

Finally, before using sparkling water, you must check that it does not contain sugars so as not to worsen the health of the plants.

Sparkling water and plants, a perfect combination

As reported earlier, several studies support this, such as the one conducted by the University of Colorado in 2002 which highlighted how sparkling water can promote the development of plants and preserve their health.

On the other hand, inside there are various nutrients which, as mentioned, are  magnesium, hydrogen, oxygen, calcium, sulphur, phosphorus, carbon and potassium.

Thanks to these, plants can grow healthily and with beautiful greenery.

Although this may seem like a bizarre idea, it is important to start taking it into consideration for the good of our plants, remembering to implement small precautions to prevent their health conditions from worsening.

For example, if the water contains sugars or salt, it can make it quite difficult for the roots to absorb it and attract ants, for example .


In short, even if some actions may seem harmless, they can really ruin everything.

From today therefore in your wealth of knowledge there is this beautiful news.