How to get rid of the obnoxious pests of plants and roses? With this method revealed by professionals in the sector it is very easy.

ingredient in roses

Have the obnoxious pests infested roses and plants in the house or in the garden? No fear, thanks to experienced nurserymen it is possible to completely eliminate them and counteract their return. Just one natural remedy is enough: here’s how to use it.

How to eliminate obnoxious pests from plants?

The presence of pests on plants can be an annoying problem for gardening lovers. Fortunately, there are natural and effective remedies to combat these parasites without the use of harsh chemicals:

  • Baking soda;
  • Water;
  • Spray bottle;
  • Spoon;
  • Container.

Start by preparing a solution using baking soda and water. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 1 liter of hot water. Be sure to mix well until the baking soda has completely dissolved.

Transfer the solution to a clean spray bottle. Be sure to use a spray bottle that can deliver a fine mist for even distribution over the plant. Before applying the solution to plants, make sure that they are well hydrated. Spray the solution on all parts of the plant infested with pests, including leaves, flowers and stems. Be sure to completely cover the plant with a slight spray.

Eliminate obnoxious pests from plants

Repeat the application of the solution every 7-10 days or until the parasites are completely eliminated. Continue treatment even after eliminating parasites to prevent any reinfection.

During treatment, carefully monitor the plants to check whether pests have been successfully eliminated. Also observe the reaction of plants to the solution. If you notice signs of damage or irritation to the leaves, reduce the concentration of baking soda in the solution or discontinue use. To prevent future pest attacks, take preventive measures such as keeping plants well cared for, removing damaged or infested parts, and maintaining a healthy, clean environment around plants. These actions will help reduce the likelihood of infestation by pests.

Benefits of baking soda for plants

Baking soda, commonly found in our kitchens, can also play a surprising role in the world of gardening. This simple and versatile chemical compound offers a number of health benefits for plants, helping them to grow lush and resilient without the use of harsh chemicals. It not only serves to eliminate the odious parasites but also for other reasons.

One of the most valued properties of baking soda is its ability to prevent and combat fungi and plant diseases. Its alkaline nature creates an unfavorable environment for fungal growth, reducing the appearance of mold, rust and other fungal infections.

Anti-insect bicarbonate

Another advantage is its ability to act as a pH corrector for acidic soil. If the soil in which plants grow is excessively acidic, it can impair the absorption of essential nutrients. Adding baking soda to the soil can neutralize acidity and promote a balanced environment for healthy plant growth.