Roses without roots, how to plant them and make them beautiful? With this 100% functional method you can even do it right away.

planting rootless roses

How many of us are in love with the beauty of roses ? The scent blends with the uniquely colored nuances and it is not uncommon to find them in the garden growing even without roots. In reality, this is a particular method that is recommended by expert gardeners to always have a flower garden of beautiful scented and colorful roses. It is said that for every colour, the rose wants to express a feeling, which is why you have to be very careful about what you give and to whom. Leaving this topic aside for a moment, let’s discover together how to plant roses without roots.

Roses in the garden, how to always have them beautiful?

Having beautiful roses is not easy , because it is a plant that requires dedication and a lot of love. If you have a green thumb, it will be fun to take care of them throughout the year, on the contrary, those who are not exactly friends with gardening should contact an expert in the sector.

Red rose

However, there is a method that everyone can implement by experimenting, planting roses without roots. It’s not magic and it’s not even a particular development of the plant: it’s a method that gardeners also use and for which they reveal the method.

garden roses

Rootless roses, the method of planting them

As mentioned, to always have a garden full of fragrant and colorful roses, it will be enough to resort to an innovative and very simple method to implement. To plant roses without roots you will have to proceed step by step.

The first thing to do is obtain a cutting, a highly delicate and important operation. How to do? Cut a branch from the rose bush chosen for the operation that is the thickness of a pencil.

Now remove all the thorns with wire cutters, also eliminating the old leaves. Immediately afterwards make a diagonal cut on the stem and check if there are any new shoots. Now it’s time to put them in water to keep them alive.

rose cuttings

In the meantime, the soil will need to be prepared with a do-it-yourself greenhouse:

  • Take a 5 liter bottle of water and cut it to 7cm with scissors, leaving a plastic flap so that it can be opened and closed;
  • Then place a layer of coconut fiber as high as the base of the bottle, ideal for retaining humidity inside the greenhouse
  • Some gardeners also recommend taking a small piece of aloe vera, a natural ingredient that helps strengthen the roots and growth of roses
  • The cutting will need to be rubbed with aloe on the base and then stuck inside the coconut fibre.

It is an innovative and very simple method for obtaining multiplication of rootless roses. Now moisten the layer and place the DIY greenhouse in a shaded area : after just 12 days you will be able to see the first results.